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Another day in paradise as a captain

Date: 3th April 2020
Author: Mara
Geographical position: Bay of Biscay
Position: 48°12,1’N 09°55.8’W
Etmal: 76nm

Captain Mara

Today was the first day of the third handover leg with me as the captain.

I got up early to get breakfast, checked the weatherforecast and got ready for watch. After we had a problem with the engine and had to shut it down, we’re finally not a “three masted motorvessel” anymore.

I don’t know why but somehow everytime when it’s handover time for me, the machinery breaks or blocks… (last time when I was 1st Mate the hydraulic system of the anchor didn’t work, while we were trying to weigh the anchor).

So all that was left was getting as many sails up as possible and sail. Unfortunately, the wind didn’t blow from the right side so we went a bit in the wrong direction (110° off course).

But now, after the engine problem was sorted out, we are heading straight forward to Portland to get fuel, charts and fresh food, so that we’re ready for the last part of the voyage, the English Channel.

After lunch…

… we started with the weekly Happy Hour, which actually lasted 2,5 hours. Lucky me that my job as Captain is only supervising.

But after we saw pilotwales twice diving under the Pelican and then later a school of dolphins fishing and jumping, all of the bad mood was gone.

Even though we’re all quite tired now because we have 8 hours of watch a day, there are still new ideas coming up, how we could spend our freetime.

So why not try out new hairstyles, using a hoover. That was Marlene K.’s idea, while she actually should’ve vacuumed the messroom floor.

In the end Paul, Marco, Ben, Silja, Ella and myself had a really interesting looking bunch of hair and dust on our heads. The day ended with cinnamon rolls as midnightsnack after another cold watch.

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