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Another day in paradise

Datum: 6.12.2020
Autor: Finja
Position: Mid Atlantic
Nautical Position: 17° 33 N 054° 42.6 W
Etmal: 166nm
Nautical Miles to go: 406nm
Nautical Miles done: 5496

Finja and Malina in Paradise
Finja und Malina am Steuer


As today is the 6th of december today is Nikolaus, so today we had some special guests at our daily crew meeting after lunch. Niggolaus, Svendeer and Schmutzli (aka our teachers Nicolas, Sven and Priska) came.

Then we split up in our watches, but before we got some Spekulatius, Pfeffernüsse and Maoam we got the task to describe each person of our watch with one word about their skill, talent, the role in the group or about the most appreciated characteristic of each.

So my watch (Forewatch) met with Schmutzli on the Poopdeck and we had a nice round with some motivating words. For example the happy person, the caring person, the positive person and alot more…

The huge waterfight

It‘s not only Nikolaus today, it‘s also sunday. That means at 10:30 we had a „Happy Hour“. So every watch got a spot to clean the whole ship. But the happy hour escalated quickly.

Before it even officially started, suddenly the water pump started automatically, before there was the hose connected to it. Then Priska grabbed the end of the hose and connected it.

But „unfortunately“ the other end of the hose was directly pointing to Dom our Doctor who was sleeping with a book on his head (as most of the time) on the Foredeck.

So when he jumped up he was completely wet and just had in his mind to get Priska also wet and that was really fun to watch, so Caspar and me were just standing there laughing.

Then the happy hour officially started so there was Main-Watch on Deck, Fore-Watch in the messroom and Mizzen-Watch down below. When Main-Watch almost finished scrubbing the deck, Simon started to get everyone wet with the firehose.

He was standing on the Foredeck and just kept on pointing with the hose on random people until they were soaking wet.

Paradise is a sailing ship
Elias is firmly convinced that no t-shirt is missing. And Simon does not want to get his own shirt wet in the water battle.


While that happened, Nora accidently threw her left „Croc“ over board. Because we did not want to put plastic in the ocean, we started a man-over-board maneuver.

So we had Captain Chris starting with a hard to port command to the helmsman, Tamsin and Lukas standing with boat hooks on the portside of the welldeck trying to get Noras Croc out of the water, Main-Watch and some people of other watches throwing buckets of water on each other, parts of Mizzen-Watch trying to get their buckets empty because they finished cleaning the showers and toilets, so they were sneaking around deck because they didn‘t want to get attacked by water and Cornelius and Kilian with the fire hose in their hands.

pointing at a net
Not only Crocs go over board… Once we have lost the plankton net and we will get it back. Hannes points to it and Sam stands ready with a hook

Starting to believe

So if you might have noticed, we just had another fun day in paradise, 406 nautical miles before Antigua in the Carribean and just water all around us!

If you think more about it, you can almost believe how crazy our situation is. It is December, we have 31°C , and we are currently living on a sailing ship, while our families and friends are at home celebrating Advent/Nikolaus.

We heard in Berlin there was already snow, so by now most of us started to believe that we made a big decision coming onboard the Pelican, because you never know what happens!

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