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Another day in paradise

Datum: 02.01.2019
Author: Kira R.
Position: Planet One World Farm, Costa Rica
Geographische Position:
Position: Planet One World Farm, Costa Rica (http://planetoneworld.org)

I woke up about three times during sleep because of the many noises that I am not used to after two and a half months on a sailing vessel. There was the scream of a rooster, the feeding of the pigs and also the heavy rain pouring on the roof of our house and filling our water tanks again.

First thing I did in the morning, was standing on the balcony and reading some letters my friends and family gave me to open on my birthday before I left. We had to wake up at about 7 o’clock and had the best breakfast for a long time. For breakfast there was egg salad, rice and bread fruit.

Whilst eating, we also enjoyed selfmade cacao and since I turned 17 today I tasted my first cup of coffee – not my thing, but now we all discovered how delicious milk powder is. Ken from the One World Farm (Carsten Tiemann) took us on a trip through his plantation and explained us a lot of really interesting things and about his impressive way of being sustainable.

On our way, we ate some star fruits because Ken said, that all the fruits that are eatable and on his property are also ours. A little winter feeling came up when we were sliding up and down the muddy hills. After walking through a small river, we wanted to go up a hill but then saw a spider net that was right in front of us and blocked our way.

Ken showed us how elastic it is by stretching it and putting it somewhere else without destroying it. We also got to know some new animals for example one of the most dangerous snakes on earth which is called Bushmaster. She usually gets up to 3m but we “only” saw a baby which left Lauryn wondering where its mother was.

We continued our walk back to the farm where we had a delicious meal (egg with pasta, rice, chicken with sauce and Yuka) and one of the most delicious juices I’ve ever tasted (star fruit and lemon) probably because I’ve never tasted that one before.

They even baked a cake for me and gave me a present that originally belonged to a shaman – probably the most awesome present which I’ve ever got. Afterwards, we also got hot chocolate and coffee again to have enough energy for what came up. We went to the boys house (they live a five minutes walk away from the main accommodation) because we wanted to get wood out of their backyard for building a hut where Ken will set up a traditional kitchen.

Ken told us some things about the importance of the cutting of the wood and about the moontimes but he also said that, when we’re going to meet the Bri-Bri, we’ll learn a lot more about that.

After having carried the wood to the main house we went back into his farm where we got another type of wood. Behind his pig house there was a tree and on the tree there were 3 sloths hanging down. After staring at them and asking again a lot of questions, we continued our way to the wood that we had to bring back to the main house.

Afterwards, we all took a shower. In our room, Sophie talked me into taking a picture of me in my bed since the mosquito net looks really funny only because she put my birthday present on my pillow and I haven’t been in my bed the whole day.

Another present was that I was allowed to help cooking dinner if I wanted to (of course I did) and choose three people for helping with me. Of course everyone was allowed to join but there was just not enough place in the kitchen. Firstly, Ken explained us which fruits and vegetables are to be cut und then showed us how to cut them.

For dinner there was Malanga, rice and sweet sour sauce and again the juice from lunch that Ken made by himself with help from his daughter. Gladly, we didn’t have to do the cleaning since we cooked and after that I went back into my room where Elisa gave me another present. That was for sure the best birthday I have ever had and ever will!

P.S.: Thanks to my parents that made it possible for me to spent my birthday in paradise! I love you!

P.S.: Elisa and Helena: Greetings to our families in Adelboden!

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