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Another day on a good ship Pelican without Corona

Author: Jacqueline
Date: 25th March 2020
Position: 43°19.6´ N/ 016° 05.6´ W
Etmal: 170nm

Since we’ve got the information Bordeaux is not any longer our destination and that the borders are closed, that the supermarkets are empty and that everything can change every day, we started to really appreciate our small bubble that we are in at the moment. Even though it seems like a really small bubble and we all struggle with the little freedom we have in the middle of the ocean sometimes, we are in a really special situation at the moment. We are (probably) in one of the safest places in the world, even with a storm behind us.

So I decided to make a list of things we can do, you probably cannot do at home because of the Corona virus.

We can…

 1. … hug and kiss friends.

 2. … be in a big group together.

 3. … share food with friends from one plate with one fork.

 4. … see something new every day (even if it is only new water)

 5. … play scat.

 6. … shake hands.

 7. … have school.

 8. … sneeze and cough without people running away from us.

 9. … go fishing.

10. … use toilet paper as always.

11. … have sleepovers (even if it is not allowed;))


12. … have pyjama parties.

But even though we are in this safe bubble without Corona and we can do all of these awesome things, we all think about home, friends and family every day. We hope for the best and are really excited to see everybody again after this really special voyage with this really individual end of nearly six weeks without stepping foot on land.

P.S.: Papi, ich wünsche dir alles alles Gute zu deinem Geburtstag! Ich hoffe, du hattest einen wunderschönen Tag, hast schön gefeiert und hast hoffentlich auch einen leckeren Kuchen von Mami bekommen.<3 Ich liebe euch alle, wir sehen uns in spätestens zwei Wochen. Bis dahin passt auf euch auf und bleibt gesund! 😉 Laura

P.P.S.:Hallo Mama und Papa, ich freu mich unglaublich auf selbstgemachtes Eis, Omas Kartoffelsalat, Katjes, Schwarzwälderkirschtorte und Gewürzgurken. Auch und nicht zu vergessen Ratatouille und Käsesahnesauce.

Natürlich freu ich mich auch auf euch.

Hab euch alle ganz dolle lieb und vermiss euch !

Eure Jacqueline

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