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Date: 12.11.2020
Author: Mia
Position: Teneriffa, Santa Cruz
Nautical Position: 29° 39,7 N ; 015°54,1W
Etmal: 0 nm (Total: 2898 nm)

Today I will present you Anousch

First of all I want to explain (for no confusion), that I write this daily report in english instead of german. Anousch asked me for this, she wants her parents and grandparents to understand this daily report as well.

Anousch is 26 years old and lives in Belgium in Antwerpen. She started sailing when she was nine years old with dingies and when she was 15 years she started sailing on Tall Ships. The job of her dreams always had been sailing and here she is. With the age of 18 she started to volunteer on Tall Ships, so then her career started.

On the Pelican of London, she is the 2nd Mate and responsible for everything with charts and safety. That means, she is doing the lifesaving equipment checks and the chart corrections. As well she does the passage planning and is responsible for the 12:00 – 16:00 / 00:00 – 04:00 watch. Anousch started working for Adventure under Sail in 2018.

The most beautiful experience she ever made was sailing in the Caribbean with the island hopping, the beautiful beaches and the winds to sail. On our journey so far she enjoyed the most the shore leave at Madeira, because of the beautiful nature. In future she wants to sail to a place with ice, especially the Antarctic.

In my opinion, she is a very happy person with a great aura. Even when she is seasick she is very happy. In her happy mood she is very contagious. Furthermore she is motivating and very euphoric. I would describe her as the sunshine of the ship.

A few facts about her are, that she needs music to wake up, because she loves music. At the watches she is very talkative and at the meetings when it is hot she screams: “water, sunscreen, be happy.”

Anousch at the Pelican of London

I asked a few students to tell me the most beautiful experience they have made with Anousch:

Franka said, that she really enjoyed it when we all were seasick and Anousch taught us a Shanty from her childhood. The Shanty is called: The last Shanty. And when we teach her tongue twisters in German and she teaches us in Dutch, which is her native language.

Martha said, that she enjoyed a night watch when there was a pirate warning 2000 miles away and Anousch told them many stories.

Sophia E. said, during watches she enjoyed many conversations with Anousch and when they played kiss marry kill. Then she got to know her very well.

Anousch says Hi to family and friends.
Ich grüsse auch meine Familie und Freunde. 🙂

Anousch at work

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