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Arrival in paradise

Date: 10 December 2019
Author: Carl
Position: St. Lucia
Geographical Position: 13° 54. 0N | 49° 16. 4W
Etmal: 159nm

We write the 10th of December, 7 o’clock in the morning. I have just woken up and walked on deck to drink a coffee and have a talk with persons who were also on deck before having breakfast. And then, all of a sudden, we saw the island.

It was in front on our starbordside and it wasn’t really far away anymore. Looking beautiful with its two steep mountains and the green rainforest all over them it was really impressive I immediately drank my coffee and ate breakfast and then the prepared for our anchorage.

The new world

We had to put out mooring lines, about which we were all wondering because we all thought we were just going to an anchorage and we wouldn’t need the mooring lines but we were about to find out later. We sailed past the two mountains, the crew called them pitons and then right into our anchorage. And then the moment was there and at 10:45 am we dropped anchor and finished our journey.

We crossed the Atlantic!

We were in the Caribbean. We then launched the rib and it pushed us closer to the beach. After that, a boat with two people from the island came and took one of our mooring lines ashore to the beach and guess what, they tied it on to a palm tree! After they secured it we all had to line up on the portside and pull the slack out of the line and make it fast.

We did the same on the other side and finally finished our work for now. We continued with a crew meeting on the well deck. A very happy meeting obviously. Captain Ben told us that we had successfully and officially crossed the Atlantic Ocean. But there were still a few things we had to do.

Swimming in the Carribean

While Ben and Miriam went ashore with our passports and stuff we started tiding our cabins and after that we had lunch, we braced the yards square and then climbed up aloft to harbourstow the sails. The cool thing about this was that we learned a shanty to this and so we sang it while doing it.

You feel very good when you are up there singing and doing work with your friends. But the sun was burning and we had about 30 degrees so we all just wanted to go in the shining blue water. And then the announcement came and everyone jumped in. Some went snorkeling more in the direction of the beach and some just kept on jumping from the side of the ship.

The swimming was one oft the most awesome things I ever did. Imagine being two and a half weeks surrounded by water and not being allowed to go swimming when the water also has 27 degrees or so and then finally jump in the water. It was magnificent.

Anyway while we were swimming Laura lost her GoPro camera and some of us, me included, tried to get it back. But we had to dive more than 10 meters and couldn’t see it. Unfortunately, nobody was able to get it even though we managed to touch the ground sometimes. In the end you can say that it was a beautiful day for everyone of us.

I mean, we crossed the Atlantic! Not many people have done that anyway and we are going to do it a second time too. And I am really looking forward to this. But for now I have to watch a caribbean sunset, the palmtrees, the rainforest all over the mountains and maybe see a turtle in the water.

PS: Greetings to my family and friends and especially my grandmother. I miss you all!

PPS: Grüße von Mascha an ihre Familie, die sie sehr vermisst! <3

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