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Ashore again

 Date: 22.02.2021
Author: Viktoria
Position: Harbour of St. George´s, Bermuda
Etmal: 0 nM
We came to Bermuda with our ship,
to take a break from this long trip.
But we couldn´t go ashore,
needed a PCR-test before.

It came out negative for all,
everyone wanted to make a call.
We finally talked to our families again,
that´s when the wifi-sneaking began.
The lady at the store was really kind,
many things in her kiosk we could find.
She let us sit in front of the shop,
so we didn´t get attacted by a single raindrop.
The bus drivers were really great as well,
always driving viel zu schnell.
Everybody here is so nice,
we´re happy to have no Costarican rice.

The next three days was free shore leave,
many nice things we could achieve.
Hamilton was a nice place to go,
but what could we do? We didn´t know.
So what we did was walking around,
until there was a place we found.
Some drank coffee, others tea,
and a hot chocolate, it was for me.

In the park we had a lot of fun,
did a picnic and enjoyed the sun.
We listened to music, until it was late,
laying on grass again was really great.
Sports we did from the first day on,
soon all the gained calories were gone ; )
No, but really, doing sports again was good,
now everyone is in a better mood.
If jogging in the morning,
or workouts late at night,
there was accepted no yawning,
that was sometimes a fight.
To get everyone out of bed,
wasn´t always that much fun,
in a group of five we then met
and started our morning run.

Hide and seek, we did play,
on a golfcourse, the other day.
It included a lot of running around,
others just layed lazy on the ground.
That now was the poem I wrote for you,
and still many more things we did do.
But it´s time to go for me, alright?
Cause we´re having a movie night.
That´s what I really don´t want to miss,
Have a nice day and Tschüss!
Greetings to my family, Zosia and Agnes, I hope you are all doing well. As well to my grandmother, eventhough it´s not your birthday yet…

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