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Atlantic Ocean, we are coming!!!

Author: Lina
Date: 11.12.2022
Position: Mindelo, Kapverden
Geographical position: N 16°53.007 W 24°59.927
Etmal: 2550 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Cleaning the ship

Before going to the Atlantic we needed a clean ship and of course today was our famous Happy Hour. We cleaned everywhere for three hours but in the end our captain still wasn’t happy. Tomorrow we need to clean again but more efficiently. I think a big problem is also, that we are able to clean the ship but there’s still dirt everywhere. We will see how it goes tomorrow…

Shore leave and Pathways…

After Lunch, we all went ashore to work on our Pathways. If we are not finished by tonight we’re not going to get any shore-leave tomorrow. The people who were done went to the beach or to explore the city.

Bye bye Jo…

After Freddys banger Pathway-presentation about very interesting sea curves, our 3rd. Officer Jo sadly had to leave us. First we gave her our card on which Jule drew a beautiful wale. And then we sang ’leave her Jonny’. We all going to remember her as the beautiful person and character she was. Her most said sentence was: “Please talk english on the bridge’’. We all going to miss her very much.

The Atlantic crossing

On Tuesday, we are going to leave the Cap Verde islands and I’ve asked some people what they’re looking forward to most:

Maliqa: „Christmas! ….and wales!“
Mia: „Sternenhimmel“
Freddy: „Doing the Dinghy-bumpers“
Marlene: „Getting far more sleep. Some cool school sessions“
Johannes B.: „I want to figure out my ROVER task and of course the sky in the night in our watch from one to five“
Leo: „Catching a tuna and Dinghy-bumpers“
Juno: „Viel über’s Segeln lernen und einfach auf’m Meer chillen“
Lex: „Arriving“
Vanessa: „For the silence when you are on deck and you are looking on the horizon and not seeing anything…. und und und noch the sunrises and sets“
Pola: „Freedom and only the sea, sunsets and sunrises und Sternhimmel“
Jule: „Dolphins, flying fish and wales and fishing und Fische sezieren und schwimmen im ganz flachen Wasser“
Adam: „Schwimmen mitten auf dem Atlantik“
Jörn: „Nach langer Zeit mal wieder Südamerika zu sehen“
Merit: „So nach zwei Wochen wieder so Land zu sehen“

I for myself am looking forward the most to see the beautiful sky in my night watch from one to five. It will be amazing to just see nothing and know how deep and wide the ocean is. We will celebrate Christmas and have a wonderful time! Hopefully we can sail most of the time and don’t need to use our engine… And then we will be in the nice and warm Caribbean :)).

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