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Average fun day at Sea

Date: 11.12.2021
Author: Bennett
Position: Caribbean Sea
Geographical Position: 12°40.3’N 072°33.8‘W
Etmal: 135NM (in total: 6344NM)

Today I had to wake up at 3:40 AM for my 4:00 AM watch. Tired and hungry I managed to get out of bed and get myself ready. Luckily the first half and hour I was on standby, so I got myself another 40 min of sleep on the poop deck. After I did Met obs I got another quick 30 min nap. I then proceeded to start my lookout and helming, feeling way better. Simon told us that we need to keep an extra good lookout because there was a very VERY small chance that we might encounter pirates.

At about 06:00 the sky started to get bright. The sky turned light red as we sailed with about 5 knots along the Colombian Coast. We could see the massive mountains on the horizon. It was a beautiful sight and the first time for me seeing mainland South America. The atmosphere was peaceful as the wind started picking up, pushing us forward towards our destination. The AIS only showed two tankers in our range. It was a Saturday which meant Nutella for breakfast! (of course, only a tiny bit so everybody can have some) During standby I went down to finally fill my stomach with fresh bread and Nutella that Abbie made in the Galley. Now that the sun was rising, I got to go to bed and sleep till 11:20 AM (right before the crew meeting).

After the meeting I went down to my bunk to listen to some music and read my book for English class while I waited for lunch. After lunch I went down to look over my biology book before going to physics class. During my free period I wrote my Essay for German class. Due the immense heat, (a lot of sweating) I went to have a cool shower before dinner. Later we needed to hand the T’gallent, so I got to climb up in the dark.
That evening I simply enjoyed the cool breeze as much as I could while I gazed into the endless night.

Grüße an meine Familie: Frohe Weinachten in Ungarn!

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