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Baptism party with Neptune

Date: 08. December 2019
Author: Jonas
Position: somewhere one the Atlantic
Geographical Position: 13°35.6N/ 58°40.4W
Etmal: 139nm
Days without Toilet blockage: 2

Today was a very nice beginning of the day for me. I had watch from 04.00 to 08.00 o’clock and, of course, I was a little bit tired.

In the beginning, there were stars and in the end we saw a beautiful sunrise.

After the watch, I went straight to bed, I could sleep for two more hours, then I got woken up by the duty watch at 10.00 o’clock for the general wake up call.

It was Sunday so it was cleaning day. After one hour of scrubbing the deck, we had a small water fight on the well deck.

We then had a very tasty small pizza for lunch. (It was a little bit too small for my taste.)

At one o’clock was our normal meeting. The captain told us something about safety and that the last 25% of an ocean crossing are the most dangerous time of the crossing because everybody is tired and not so much focused anymore as they were in the beginning.

After that Tamsin started her good deed: she had to play a game with us in a unicorn costume. After the game she murdered Ruben.

Neptun had a Party

Neptun bei seiner Party

A monster?

Then, suddenly, Pete and Abbie crashed our game.

They were wrapped in nets and he had a trident in his hand. He gave a short speech in which he told us that he is Neptune and that we crossed his ocean without asking him for permission.

So we had to pay for our mistake. He gave us fish names and welcomed us to his kingdom.

For that we had to lay down on the deck and he put a ladle full of rice over our heads. I was the first one who had to lay down on the floor and my body was covered with rice.

Ruben had to roll around on the rice. After that everyone was baptized with a new fish name.

There was a big water Fight with everybody, except from the captain and Pete, Pete ran away from us :(.

So in the end everybody and everything was wet, but HAPPY.

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