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Bay of Biskay

Date: 13.10.2020
Author: Louisa
Position: North of the Bay of Biskay
Geographical Position: 48°41.9’N , 005°11.0’W
Etmal: 149 NM (Gesamtstrecke: 690 NM)

Today was our first day at the Bay of Biskay. The waves are getting higher and our dear Pelican lays nearly on one side in the water. Even though we have tough conditions most of us are not seasick, which is good. This afternoon we saw many dolphins playing with the waves around us. Also the sun showed up a few times and everything felt warmer although it was colder than the last days. If we are lucky, we will arrive in Spain on Thursday evening. Now that you know what is going on I‘d like to introduce you to a few genereal things on deck.

Waves make the rules at the ocean

The Pelican Rules

The Pelican has got three masts and twelve sails. The first mast to the boug (front of the ship) is the Fore Mast with the Staysail and the Jibs. Right behind it there‘s the Main Mast withe the Yards. The lowest one ist the Course Sail, above it there‘s the Top, T‘Gallant and Royal, which we are rarely using. The last mast is the Mizzen Mast with the Spanker.
Now you know that you‘ll be introduced to a few do‘s and don‘t s on deck:

  1. Never ever climb up the yards (square sails) alone or without your harness.
  2. Don‘t wear open toe shoes on deck.
  3. Always be ten minutes early for watch (that makes everyones lives easier).
  4. Wear your harness on watch.
  5. Don‘t stand in twistet lines or lines in general.
  6. Don‘t do another knot but the Clove Hitch on the Yards.
  7. On watch is english time!!!
  8. Never go up to the deckhead without your harness.
  9. Don‘t eat at the wheelhouse.
  10. DO NOT RUN!!! If you need to go somewhere fastly, walk with a purpose.

If you stick to those rules you will have a easy life on board of the Pelican of London.

I would like to greet Lena, Leonie and my parents!

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