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Bermuda in sight

Date: 19.02.2023
Author: Constantin
Nautical Position: 31°39.0’N 065°46.5’W
Position: Südwestlich von Bermuda
Etmal: 10169nm
Ship: Pelican of London

It’s Sunday, we’re currently heading to Bermuda in rough weather conditions. Waves are still visiting our deck and spraying our faces. The ship is still holding together and we are pleased with some power in the sockets. This morning we had about 60 miles left to Bermuda. Our Captain Ben decided yesterday to slow down and go into Bermuda on the 20th, because the pilot we need to take is only operating during daylight, so we canceled this evening’s arrival.

Creative Book-Presentations

During the last week we listened to the first few book-presentations in Britta’s German class. She decided before our Costa-Rica stay, that we won’t have a German exam and instead we’ll prepare a presentation about the book of our choice.

Some formals were given to us and creativity was asked.

Every school group had already about eight students presenting in a more or less creative way. Some were actually really funny and we had many with audience interactions. One example is Hannes. He chose the Book “Sea Survival”, one of Pelican’s Bridge Books. It’s about surviving in bad conditions, preventing incidents and how to prepare yourself, your crew and your ship before leaving the berth.

Hannes talked about the formals, like the author and so on and read some text parts to us. In the end, he chose three people which re-acted a swimming-survival position on the floor. We all had a big laugh and I was glad having joined.

Another well prepared presentation was Sophias. Hers was about the Book “Treasure Island”. I read it already in German and I was impressed of her creativity. She nearly buildt up a whole theatre with the audience.

Sophia, tell us about your presentation!

“For presenting the story of “Treasure Island”, I chose an object for each of the main characters and let people from the audience choose one of them. Among these there were hats, jackets, a mop and a copy of “Hamlet”. Depending on the object they selected, they got the matching role they had to play to help me explain the main events of the book in “freeze frames”. It was both fun for the audience and fun for me.

Anonymous Dancer

My favourite is clearly the one who wants to stay anonymous. The person gave an introduction and a quick sum up of the content. Then Nicolai started to read out loud a text part and we all listened. While Nicolai started to read the anonymous person started to dance. Some schools in Germany offer story/poem-dancing as a subject.

So, our person gave its best and showed its talent. It was really funny and I didn’t even listen to the text because I was so amazed.

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