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Bermuda is beautiful

Date: 23.02.2023
Author: Fynn
Position: Bermuda
Nautical Position: 32°22´.714 N 064°40´.869 W
Etmal: 10271nm
Ship: Pelican of London

Almost like in the movie!

Today was a wonderful day and today was the first time I recognised that we are going back north again as we were swimming in Gats Bay and the water was only 16.3° C. It was a shock that the water had cooled down so much since we left Costa Rica. The ocean water at the beach is beautifully turquoise and clear, you can even see colourful fish swimming in the distance. In any case, I want to return to the beach again with my underwater drone and take photos of the reefs that are around Bermuda.

Tall Ships are all the same!

At first when our generator was damaged, everyone was amused as the Thor Heyerdahl sailed into the harbour with a broken watermaker. The Pelican lies here with a broken generator and a non-functioning washing machine while simultaneously the Regina Maris is located in Panama with a broken gearing mechanism. What all tall ships have in common is that they all have defects sometimes .

Pelican und Thor im Hafen von Bermuda

A very interesting discussion!

We had a very interesting discussion with a local. He was firmly convinced that the earth is flat. To every of our statements and questions he had an answer, even if it was not always very plausible. To questions / statements he had no answers to, he changed to the next conspiracy theory. He also asked simple questions whose logical answers he did not accept and would also say that we have been brainwashed by the government. The assertion that the earth is flat we met with the question, why you can see the horizon only up to 11nm miles due to the earth’s curvature and how this is possible if the earth was flat. He asked a counter question that had nothing to do with the topic. Furthermore, almost every statement contradicted the laws of physics. Luckily, we have proper school on board.

Caro: Juri Gagarin war der erste Mensch im All! Liebe Grüße an Frau Schlüter und Frau Bienert, dank Ihres Unterrichts konnte ich eine gute Argumentation mit physikalischer Grundlagen in diesem kleinem Wortgefecht der Wissenschaft darbieten. Desweiteren liebste Grüße an den Schuschu und grüß‘ mal die Fünftklässler von mir.

Fynn: Ich grüße meine Familie und meine Klassenkameraden und freue mich schon, euch wieder zu sehen.

Saba: Helen, ich wünsche dir viel Glück bei Deinen Sportwettbewerben. DU SCHAFFST DAS!!!

Paul: Ich grüße Hannes und Hugo.

Anbritt: Viele Grüße an meine Familie und Freunde.

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