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Bermuda we’re coming

Date: 20.02.22
Author: Sara
Position: Arriving in Bermuda
Geographical Position: 32* 21’9 N 064* 36’9 W
Etmal: 159 (11.005)

Bermuda in sight from the ship

My day started at 3.30 a.m. when I got woken up for watch. When I came to the bridge we could see the lights of Bermuda. The watch wasn‘t boring at all. Quite soon after the start of the watch we had to brace. We were only five people, so we had to do one yard after the other. A bit later after the sunrise I had to wake up the Bosuns because we did more sailhandling. When we all got ready to hand the topsail, a big wave came over the welldeck and gave us all a free shower (thanks Atlantic, but that wasn’t needed, Mainwatch has showerday today…). Then we handed the topsail and went climbing to stow it. It was quite shaky up there but I still liked it because I always like climbing 🙂

After the watch I went back to bed. Due to preparations for going into the Harbour, the weekly happy hour (cleaning) was delayed until the afternoon. That made me really happy because that means I can sleep longer.

Land in Sight

Around lunchtime we went into the harbour. We had to drive in a circle for a while while waiting for the pilot. The pilot had been busy on another boat just before and we needed to have a pilot because there‘s a narrow channel that goes into the bay where the harbour is. As soon as the pilot was on board we went in through the channel and to our berth.

Immigration that’s actual fun for once

As soon as we were tied up, three people from the immigration office appeared on the keyside. That’s where probably the funniest part of the afternoon started. We all had to come on deck and shout Yes and wave to the immigration people, which read one name after the other from our passports. The „problem“ is that in Bermuda the people speak English and we have sometimes really german names, so there were a few issues with pronunciation.

It was really funny to hear how they tried to pronounce our names. With some names (e.g. Ffyon, Knut or Ariadni) they didn’t even try and directly spelled it, which was even more confusing. On top of that there was one of the immigration guys that said something after every name like: „Hello, welcome to Bermuda“ or „You have a really cool name“ or just randomly invented some nicknames for us.

Later came the rather unpleasant part of the afternoon. We had happy hour. Luckily my watch had the Messroom to clean which is usually a rather easy job. After cleaning we all had to do a PCR Test to be able to go ashore tomorrow. We all got a red wristband (like the ones you get on festivals) that we can only take away when we have the negative test result.

participants with armwrists in Bermuda

For dinner we had lasagne and brownies for dessert. AMAZING! 🙂
For the rest of the evening I was busy with writing this daily report and then I went to bed quite early because the past days had been really exhausting.

Ganz Liebi Grüess an alli dehei, ha euch ganz fest lieb und vermiss euch!
Liebe Grüsse an Dana, ich freu‘ mich wenn du wiederkommst 🙂
Liebe Grüsse an Jamie, ich vermiss dich…

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