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Birthdaily report

Datum: 29.10.2020
Autor: Caspar
Position: Gibraltar, Hafen
Nautische Position: e.g. 53°21.028N , 7°12.972E
Etmal: 2020 NM


Today I have been woken up at 00:00 for my harbour watch, went in the messroom and suddenly, many people started to sing Happy Birthday for me. After that I got a poem and then I opened my first present and it was a ………….T-Rex 😉

While breakfast Lukas, Clara and Sophia came in to bring me my first birthday cake and another present. Then I had to go back to the galley to wash all dishes together with Lorn and Elias. Later we had a briefing with Simon about firefighting and different types of fire extinguishers.

Then we went in three groups to the beach on the other side of the big rock.

We had a very very good time there and quite everybody was in the water. After that all of us played soccer or frisbee. On the way back I bought a Kebab as a birthday meal and for dinner on the ship we had broccoli with potatoes and meat. After that delicious meal I got another cake and a second birthday song. Then my birthday, and as well the day, came to an end.

Pete´s mug

Our bosun Pete loves to tell stories. His mug is very famous, because he drinks a lot of tea and never cleans it. The inside is brown and looks disgusting. So there is a short story about his tea mug:

A year ago a girl (accidentally) threw hot water on a boys testicles. He ran in the shower to cool it down but the water there wasn’t cold enough. They had to take the cold water out of the fridge. But they had no bowl to put the water in except for Pete’s mug…

But the boy didn’t want to hang his testicles in that mug because Pete never cleans his mug. So Pete tells everybody to not clean their mugs:=)

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