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Boardbook – Memories of the best time of Life

Date: 20th of March 2023
Author: Annbritt
Position: North Atlantic
Nautical Position: 37° 29.8N 039° 11.8W
Etmal: 11918 NM
Ship: Pelican of London

Boardbooks from the last voyages

Every day since our second Atlantic crossing some people have been preparing the boardbook.

In the boardbook we collect special moments, all daily reports and some information about all participants.

The boardbook is a reminder of the great time at Ocean College. But there still is a lot of work to do, like collecting pictures, writing texts etc.

So, we have a lot of different groups.

One group makes collages. They watch hundreds of pictures of the journey such as the best ones of each stop. So, there is one page for each island we visited with pictures. Another group makes profiles of each and everyone of us. So, they ask every person questions about personal facts, like favorite shanty, favorite place to puke, favorite moment, off-course record, etc.

There is also a group to write texts about the crew. It is very difficult, because some members of the crew we only had for a short time and so we do not know so much about them as to write a text. For the texts about us there is no group. Because we are pairs of two or small groups up to three people who write about each other.

So, if you write about a friend, you can write a better text than about a person, with which you have less contact. I wrote a text about my best friend and she wrote about me. So, about every participant, teacher and crew member there is a short text.

Next to the text are two pictures. One of the difficult exercises for the team is to get pictures from each person. Because most of us are too lazy to search for two pictures.

In the boardbook there are also all daily reports and magazines. The magazines are something like a newspaper, which Hanna drew during the journey. And there is a collecting of our favorite shanties. There are also rankings like the top ten victims of seasickness.

Everyday there is an evening meeting, where the different groups talk about the current state of their work and what is still missing. So, there are also discussions about new ideas. But the groups work under pressure, because the deadline is the arrival on the Azores.

End of School

Today was our last real school day. At first, we had an English lesson with our favorite English teacher on board, Mr. Jäger.

History was next. We wrote an English characterisation about a main character of a novel. In history we talked about pirates and the difference between reality and pirates of the Caribbean.

English is the only subject without class-test. The grade for our report card consists of our english daily reports, the English lessons which we had and the English which we speak every day. In all other subjects we write exams.

After the Azores the good times begin, without school. So, we have two watches each day. Normally, we have a watch and four hours of school. But now the handovers begin. So, everybody takes over a job of the permanent crew for three days.

I will be Captain. I’ll have the eight to zero watch. One of my exercises is doing the logbook entry’s and plotting the position.

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