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Boredom on Board

Date: 08.02.2021
Author: Nora
Position: At sea
Nautical Position: 11°12,9 N 080°07,6 W
Etmal: 115 NM (8112NM in total)

The sky is cloudless, the sea is calm, we are veeery slowly making our way towards Bermuda and the only exciting thing is the question what the galley team will make for dessert. It’s been a really long time since we set our foot on land and the ship feels like lockdown with 43 other people and normal school. This might be the hardest part of the voyage because we are still so far from home but also far from our next destination and every day at sea is another day on which you have to think of things to keep the boredom away.

Nora on the first platform

There are many different kinds of being bored on the Pelican, against some you can do something but some are just unavoidable. Heres the top four cases of boredom
The Classic
The classic is something that every trainee experiences, four hours of watch can get very boring very fast. You are standing on a lookout, leaning against the spanker sheet watching the horizon and maybe the one or two lonely ships and think about the same things over and over again. Have a little chat about plans for the next shore leave or the things you’re gonna do first when you get home to make time pass by faster. But especially during the first hours of night watch, when nobody is really in the mood for talking, the only thing left to do is fantasize about bed and chocolate.

students in the hammock

Potatoes and Meat
I have to admit it doesn’t happen often, mostly after one week at sea, when all the apples and salads are used up. The food gets boring. In the beginning we all couldn’t see oven potatoes anymore, then cocktail fruits, at the moment especially all the vegetarians are fed up with a special kind of frozen vegetable mix.  Even though Abbies food is really good, we are all looking forward to some diversity and that frozen yoghurt shop on Bermuda, where you pay 10$ for one portion, but Anousch says, its worth it.
The big Blue
All the old sailors back in the days were talking about it, how frustrating the sea can be. How it drives you mad after weeks of seeing nothing but water, clouds and your shipmates. In my opinion our situation is even harder, we saw the Lights of Havannah and Florida, we were laying in a port in Panama but we couldn’t go ashore. The white horses riding on top of waves, the sunlight breaking on the surface and the unique colors. I personally missed it when we were in Costa Rica but now all I wanna do is ride on my lovely horse over fresh cut fields or walk through busy streets of a big city.

student doing laundry

How to stay busy and motivated
    1.  Write in your Ocean College book or diary about your day, thoughts or like Viktoria, Martha, Manski, Lorn and Mia did, make a Mindmap about stupid rules and unfairness (the suffers of the young OC’s)
    2. Read a book. Many people on board started sharing books and reading in their free time and short breaks between watch and school. It helps taking your mind off the daily routine and homesickness.
    3. Cabin talk! In Cabin 10 Martha, Finja and me invented a tradition where we just sit or lay in our beds, maybe listen to music and talk about officers, home and other people on board (of course only nice stuff). We’ve continued that in our new cabin 11a and Sophia is now also member of our cabin talk.

The beauty of Sundays on board
The sky is cloudless, the sea is calm, we are veeery slowly making our way towards Bermuda and the only exciting thing is the question what the galleyteam will make for desert. It feels we are back on the south Atlantic, all desperately wanting to go ashore, because the ship got to familiar and the everyday goes by in the same routine. But there it is, the light at the end of the week…SUNDAY !
Sunday is not only the best day of the week because we don’t have school, the mood of everybody on the ship suddenly changes. Even our grumpy Captain jokes around during the very serious and important voyage crew meeting. Another great thing about Sundays is that you can theoretically sleep till 10 o’clock, of course only if you can survive without breakfast till lunch time and your cabin mates are gently closing the door.

students reading books

On most days Nicolas and first mate Ali would think of something to keep us busy all day so we don’t start doing stupid stuff, as they call it. But this time we had free time from happy hour on. Its really unusual to have that much time to do whatever you want, so in case somebody gets over bored the Bosun department offerd to do the Seamanship and sail handling signatures in our record books.

I asked some people what they enjoy most about the sundays  on board and the answer were all very similar. Sleeping in, Nutella for breakfast and being lazy all day. The top things to do were also writing dairy or letters.

Liebe Grüße an meine Familie, Holy und Fitz, Carluschka und das süßeste Schneepferd der Welt. Ich hoffe, euch wird nicht langweilig im Lockdown.

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