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Boring day…?

Date: 17.02.2023
Author: Maliqa
Position: Bocas del Toro
Nautical Position: Na, vergessen? Musst Du im Wheelhouse ablesen gehen!
Ship: Regina Maris

Today was a pretty boring day, it was incredible waking up with fresh baked bread from Kilian and Jojo. It was a plessure!! After breakfast and our daily happy thiiirty-minutes our individual class with Flo started. Some of us repeated our Math class test or did stuff from home.

After class our two sailing boats arrived together with some of our students who helped getting the boats to our Reggi. Now Joni is gonna take over because i baked a chocolate cake together with Juno instead of having the sail experience:

„Sailing the small boats was one of the best sailing practices we’ve had on this journey. Even though the boats are quite different to our beloved Regina, we learned a lot about the correct way of working with the fin, sheets, travelers, halyards and many more parts of the boat. It is much easier to learn sailing on a small boat since it’s just much more handy. Overall it was a great experience and I’m already looking forward to get going again tomorrow!“

The people who did not went sailing were productive and kept on working on school for example: I wrote an Analyse from the german book „Andorra“. Some of us went swimming in the rain and I personally loved the rainy, cloudy weather today.

Wasser von unten und oben

At the moment I’m sitting one the poop deck writing my daily report and the others are watching the documentation „Plastic Planet“ to prepare themselves for the coming pathway presentation with the title „Was macht einen guten Dokumentarfilm aus?“. I think it was good for us to have a day off to do school, rest and get some more sleep.

: Liebste Grüße nach Hause. Mama, sei nicht zu traurig und erfrier‘ mir bitte nicht, Louii und Phoung, viel Glück bei euren Prüfungen und Papa, ich hoffe, Du hast eine tolle Zeit mit Paul. Liebe Oma, ich hoffe, ihr hattet einen tollen Tag in Gedenken an Opa.❤️

Brian: Liebe Grüße an meine Familie, insbesondere Uncle Matt, weil ich glaube, der hat heute Geburtstag. Grüßt ihn also bitte von mir. Hab‘ euch alle lieb!

Nikita: Liebe Grüße an die Blochis und Oma und Opa.

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