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Break in Brixham

14. Oktober 2022
Autor: Simon B.
Position: Brixham, anchoring
Nautic Position: 50°24.7N“ 003°31.4W
Etmal: 381.5nm
Finally Land under our feet!
In the past days, many of the voyage crew had to fight seasickness. But because we arrived in Brixham today, to shelter from bad weather, nobody should have any problems with it anymore. The morning meeting was rescheduled to a later time because the anchor was let down. After that there was a meeting about the current situation and since the cabins were untidy once again, we had to sort that out, before we could go on shore.
Welcome to Brixham
We didn’t go on land directly from the ship because a trip in the Dinghy is more adventurous and much fun, but with twelve people, including the bosun and bosun’s mate, it was quite tight. We were divided into groups with one leading person each, e.g. watchleaders. With these small groups we explored Brixham. That was very interesting and funny because some had the idea of taking selfies with the local students, and because the ship of Sir Francis Drake, the „Golden Hind“ was in the harbour. It was surrounded by souvenirshops about pirates. Some people were successful in supermarkets, where they stocked up on teabags and postal stamps. Sometimes, we met other groups in the city, and we were amazed by graffities, laughed about 0.5 square meter front lawns and terraces surrounded by houses. After about three hours the fun was over and we got picked up again by the motor boat. As I have already written, many had to fight seasickness in the past days. But after we came back to the ship there was a smile on every face. Everyone enjoyed the freedom to walk on shore for 10 metres into one direction without crashing into something or somebody. This was good for the general mental health.

Fitness on the Pelican
Not just our mental, but also our physical health is important to us. For a few students, the walk was not enough and they trained with the resistance bands and other equipment they brought to the ship. Training with weights is nearly impossible here, so people train more with their own body weight.
Animal Sightings
During the day I was told about dolphins, seals and fish which were seen over the course of the day. Good to know that nature still exists in our oceans. We should protect them to prevent the extinction of species. Surely, we will learn how to achieve this at Ocean College.
Greetings to all the family members at home!

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