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Bye Bye Antigua! Hello new bosun!

Date: 07.12.2021
Author: Ann
Position: On the way to Columbia
Geographical Position: 16°52´9 N 062°12´3 W
Etmal: 27nm (Insgesamt: 5659NM)

Leaving Antigua

Today in the morning we left Antigua 🙁 We weren’t motivated to leave because everybody loved Antigua. We enjoyed our time there and now we are on the way to Columbia. My watch was from 08:00 to 12.30. The watch before me thought that they could sleep long but Simon woke them up personally to help getting out of the harbour. So they were a littlebit annoyed. It was the first time that the Main watch was in charge of getting out of the harbour since Brunsbüttel. Otherwise Mizzen watch had to do this, yay. In my watch we set some sails and some sails and some more sails. And then we sailed away.

After it I went to bed because I was very tired. Then was lunch and after lunch I slept again until dinner. It was a very sleepy day and nothing special happened just the normal things like watches, lying around on the deck, sleep or eat. We also didn’t have school. Just a bit of free work. I am sitting here and thinking about what I can write that you have an update but I really don’t know what I can tell you about this rather unspectacular day.

Our new Bosun
But I can tell you that we have a new bosun on board. Her name is Fi and she comes from the middle of Ireland. She started sailing when she was 26 years old. She loves sail training and teaching people how to sail. She worked 15 years on smaller sailing ships and now she came to the Pelican for the first time in August for the summer school and now it’s her first big voyage with Ocean College. Other interests of Fi are skiing, swimming, being with people and of course travelling. Her favorite country where she has ever been to is New Zealand and her favorite food from Abbie is the mushroom sauce and pasta. Thank you to Fi for the interview, and we are looking forward to other nice days on the Pelican with you.

We are all fine and enjoy it here! I am really looking forward to our next stop Cartagena and then Costa Rica!!!

Greetings to my family! I miss you. I hope you are all fine at home and enjoy the christmas time. Lots of love

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