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Bye Bye Bermuda

Date:​​​ 09.03.2023
Author:​​​ Philip
Position:​​ North Atlantic
Nautical position:​ 32°22,0 N 064°30,7W
Etmal:​​​ 10280 NM
Ship:​​​ Pelican of London

The last Shoreleave

In the morning from 06:00 to 08:00 there was the last possibility to bunker new provisions, to breathe land air and to chill in the sunrise at the beaches of Bermuda. From now on, we will spend about fourteen days on the rough North Atlantic. We all know that this will be the hardest, most challenging part of our voyage and that we will be chased by storms, high waves and heavy rain. But we have a ship made of steel and we are strong sailors, so we will make our way over the menacing sea. Everyone got prepared, both mentally and physically. Seasickness tablets were taken, shoes and clothes stowed properly and hot water bottles and jumpers got prepared. We are ready!


Today was a great day: It was the day nobody expected to happen. In the morning we left the harbour of St. Georges and set sail to head east to the Azores. The crew of the Dutch sail training ship „Thalassa“ came ashore to say goodbye or, better, to say „Tot ziens“. Also, the crew of the Brigg rigged sailing ship „Eye of the Wind“ said goodbye to us as we waved goodbye to our new friends. Even the local ferry „Spirit of St. Georges“ saluted us with their fog horn, which showed us that we stayed in this harbour for way too long. It was a nice and unforgettable time, we met friendly people, saw wonderful, clean white beaches, with crystal clear but cold water and spent too much money on frozen yoghurt, cookies, cheese and instant noodles.

The new Medic

Today we got our new medic from Scotland. Her name is Tash and she will accompany us the whole way back to Amsterdam. Unluckily for Dan, who wanted to be part of the crew for the passage over the North Atlantic, our delay did last more than two weeks and he had to go back to university. So now we got Tash instead to help us with all the little and big injuries, which we possibly get on a rolling ship. She already had to help the Galley Team, that managed to get lots of cuts in their fingers (knives, sharp broken cups and tins).

The rough sea

It is good that we prepared so well, because as soon as we left the harbour, stowed all the mooring lines and fenders away, a small motorboat came alongside to pick up our pilot and we set sail. We immediately noticed the strong wind and high waves. Almost twenty minutes later nearly everybody, except those who had watch, were lying in their bunks because of seasickness.

Sincerely yours,

T.S. Pelican of London


Lea: Liebe Grüße an Mama und Papa und Opa und Moni, hab‘ euch lieb. Ich kämpfe mit unserem Trockner (10.03.) und Seekrankheit. Das sind Situationen, in denen man sich besonders auf zu Hause freut. Bis Bald!

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