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Bye Bye Panama

Date: 25.02.2023
Author: Lina
Position: on our way to Cuba 
Nautical position: N 10°03.1 W 081°30.5
Etmal: 6402 nm
Ship: Regina Maris 

Immigration again…

Today we started our day with our daily happy thiiirty minutes, but this time they included see storing. At 09:00 we had to go to land, for immigration, because if we want to leave, we need a stamp in our passports and stuff. On shore we all had kinda dejavù to Curaçao. After a little walk we were in front of a closed immigration building…. Mhh. Gladly they opened 30 minutes later, but the waiting continued. For me it went like I slept for two hours on the floor and then I could finally go in their office. I had to personally hand them my passport and they took a picture of me. The thing is, I think I look like a zombie because I’ve had been literally woken up like two minutes before… well it is what it is. But the whole thing took again like three hours and as I can quote our great chef Damian: „When the hell are we gonna do lunch?!“ And before I forget, I want to say Hi to Damians Mom and also cousin Jimdawg who’s like a brother for him. I think he really misses you guys, but I also think he’s very happy with this new challenge which he has with us. Because we are a lot of kids to handle even though he only has three of us at the time in his galley. 

Hello new Captain

Back on board we welcomed our new captain Andre. I don’t know much yet about him, I think somebody else will wright something about him in the next couple days. But…. we all were allowed to go swimming for one last time and that was really cool!

Ein letztes Mal: Oh wie schön ist Panama…

Anchor up! And life ring over board manoeuvre…

Finally the anchor is up and we are not attached to Panama grounds anymore. We were all ready to go to sea. Suddenly we started turning around, going back. After we turned around we all thought of something like a ‘’man over board” situation. And that was not completely incorrect, because we had a “life ring over board” situation. One of our great lookouts spotted a life ring and apparently it was ours. Long story short, we were able to get the life ring out of the water.

Saving a lifebelt

We are not seasick! .…but we are…

As soon as the waves got a litte higher one of our old friends came to visit us: The seasickness. We all tried to prepare ourselves or to not prepare ourselves, because it is a “mental thing” but anyways the puking started and the feeling weak and sleepy kicked in. Most of us started to run around with our best friend the bucket again. As usual not all of us got seasick and some of the ones that were seasick before didn’t get seasick this time. Even though the most of us are feeling they would love to be on land far away from water, we are all working as a team sailing the Reggie. This shows that you have to get used to it from time to time and even though some of us feel unwell we are all glad to be sailing again.

Cheers to leaving Panama

I for myself can say, that it was really funny to have everything falling around again but also annoying. The bruises start again, but when I washed out the Dinghi together with Marvin, we had a lot of water spraying around. In general I got showered like six times from the Ocean, because I was working somewhere and out of the nothing I had saltwater all over me. It is what it is but I for myself love that we’re under way again and I’m not the only one. At last, little thank you to some people who helped me write this daily report, because I’m not seasick, but the second look on technical devices that point is over…


Lina: HalliHallöchen, Finger geht es gut, und naja, wie ich gerad gesagt habe, solange ich nicht auf mein iPad, Laptops oder Bücher schaue, gehts mir eigentlich ganz gut. Irgendwann demnächst werde ich mich mit den Leistungskursen beschäftigen und dann irgendwo meine Fächerauswahl reinschreiben… hab euch lieb, vielleicht sind wir zu meinem Geburtstag schon auf Bermuda 🙂

Freddy: Lieber Niki, alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Vermisse Dich und bis bald!

Kilian: Liebe Grüße an meine Eltern, wir sind unterwegs Richtung Kuba.

Nikita:Mooin Blochis! Einfach mal wieder Grüße von eurem Lieblingssohn. Sind unterwegs Richtung Kuba und nicht seekrank.

Brian: Liebe Grüße an die Kelley’s und Kluges! Hier ist schönes Wetter und ich bin nicht seekrank! Hab‘ euch lieb

Heading to Cuba

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