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Bye Bye Pura Vida

Datum: 25.01.2022
Author: Clara M.
Position: Vor der Küste Costa Ricas
Geographische Position: 08 37′.007 N 083 10′.057 W (am Ende der Welt)
Etmal: 8152

“Hands to Harbour stations, Hands to Harbour stations!“ This was the first time for a month we got to hear these words by second officer Matt. That‘s because today at about midday we left Costa Rica and went to sea heading for Panama. Before departing we took fuel and water and the students got to go for a very quick shoreleave. As always we didn’t get any further than the supermarket and the Wifi. But as soon as we had left the harbour we saw our first dolphins. They were rather big and it was amazing as always to see them jumping and so as usual many of us came along to have a look.

Due to the smashing heat over the entire day practically everyone was outside and trying to cool down. But because we haven‘t been on the ship for a long time we had to go through several Safety- and Seamanship briefings. I‘m not saying we didn’t enjoy practicing coiling and helming and talking about liferafts and that stuff, but it was just way too warm for us to concentrate. Even though Tamsin and Jo were keeping things as brief as possible, we all melted.
Directly after seamanship we had to do some sail handling and a few went out on the Topsail- yard to take off the gaskets. It was quite nice to be up aloft again and being able to watch the flying fish.

I don‘t think I can properly describe the feeling of standing up there, looking over the endless sea and looking at the Pelican beneath us.
Later that afternoon Till, Jonathan and me decided to go hang out in the Bowsprit, where we had a very long chat and meditated a little as well.
As I am incredibly tired, I have watch at 4am and my assistance named Justus is tired as well, I will go to bed now and look forward to another wonderful day back home on the Pelican.

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