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Cabin 12 – best cabin!

Date: 7.11.2020
Author: Clara
Position: Madeira, Funchal
Nautical position: 33°47,5N , 14°9,5W
Etmal: 2641 NM

Today started with a walk on the wet well deck through the rain. This is my way to breakfast in the messroom. As a watchleader, I share cabin 12 with Malina, Sophia and Sam (Bosun’s mate), which is for us the best cabin on the ship because of several reasons:

  • it is probably the biggest cabin on the ship for voyage crew members,
  • it has lots of space for storage and it has a real window, which can be opend when we are in port!
  • We have lovely air conditioning, which is sometimes even too cold, but I think we will be lucky people concerning temperature in the cabins when we are in the Carribbean. 😉

There are maybe two little disadvantages: When we are at sea, the anchors are sometimes really loud and in general it moves a lot in our cabin because it is at the very front of the Pelican, just next to the Bosun’s store.

Shower routine on the Pelican

Before I went to have my breakfast, I was already kind of busy because I had a shower, which was quite nice. In general we are allowed to take a shower every three days and it’s always a nice thing when you do actually shower. You feel like a new person after it! 😉

Laundry day

After my shower, Sophia and I went to the laundry area to do our laundry. Every cabin has a fixed laundry day, mostly it’s like two cabins with in general ten people share one laundry day.

Friday is the laundry day for cabin 9 and cabin 12. We have a laundry machine and a tumble dryer. We can use them from 8 am to 8 pm. There’s a simple reason for this – when the tumble dryer is on, some people (like the Bosun or the people who are living in cabin 10) can not really sleep.

Today, we managed to wash a lot of laundry. It’s a very nice feeling to have fresh and good smelling laundry back in your cupboard. This time it was also quite comfortable to have laundry day while we are in port, because on the one hand nobody is seasick and it doesn’t move and on the other hand we were able to dry our laundry outside, because later of the day the sun came out and it was actually a quite nice weather – also for the students, because school started! 😉

First planned depature

Today was also the departure day for Rose, our lovely doctor. We had an amazing time with her and we are very thankful that she was part of our journey. She is going to start a new job in New Zealand and we wish her only the very best!

For me it’s kind of crazy, how time flies here on the Pelican. We are now here for a month plus some days, and for me it doesn’t really feel like this.
We are spending our whole time together, good times, not so good times, at sea and mostly also on land, sunshine and nice sailing, rainy weather with storm, happy times and puking times.

We are already so close with each other, and I’m really glad to be part of this beautiful community.

Little resumé

Yesterday the teachers gave us our mobiles for the whole day and I think most of us had the opportunity to call our parents and other important people. It was kind of weird to have access to so much information and possibilities, that you have with your mobiles.

But I have to say, that I do not at all miss my phone. Of course, it is a real pleasure to have contact with my family and friends, but my resumé of the first month without my mobile is, that it helps me to be “im hier und jetzt” and to enjoy more things, feel more emotions and be grateful for the things we have.

So – dear person who reads this, try to enjoy more, feel more and be grateful, maybe also for the little things. I wish you a wonderful day!

All the best,

Ich nutze die Gelegenheit, um meine liebe Familie (Mama, Papa und Luki, aber auch meine lieben Großeltern) zu grüßen, die ich so langsam aber sicher doch ganz schön vermisse.
Grüße gehen ebenfalls an meine Freunde und an CoOC.

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