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Camping on the Coffee Farm, San Marcos de Tarrazú, Costa Rica

Date: 26.01.2019
Author: Peer
Position: Coffee Farm Don Eli,

The day started with getting up late at 7:30 am. This is luxurious if you’re thinking about the fact that we got up at 6:30 for the past two weeks and the routine on the ship doesn’t allow you to sleep any longer. We had our usual breakfast with our host-mother and her granddaughter.

It was time to say the last few words with the new Spanish we acquired and give her a big big thank you for the best time. Niklas and I left the house a little bit earlier to buy some cinnamon rolls with the last money we had, as we wouldn’t need it after Costa rica, and met our host-mother at the church.

This was the place for everyone to say their goodbyes to their families with tears flowing everywhere, before we sat in the bus and made our way to the coffee farm. The bus took about two and a half hours getting us out of San Jose and into the mountains.

Once we arrived there, we walked three minutes to the farm while our heavy bags were shuttled with a jeep from the bus to the farm (puh, gladly we didn’t have to carry it all the way). On the first glance, the main house of the farm was a simple hut that was very tall and seemed to be the dinning room, also there was some sort of big bowl on a fire.

We were led further down a track to the creek, where we will be camping. Luckily there are lots of trees everywhere creating shade. In this dry hot weather there is nothing else one would wish for. So the hunt for the best spot began and soon everyone set up their tents in groups of two or three, basically in the same groups as during the surf camp. After all the hard work setting up the tents we received sandwiches for lunch.

The afternoon was free and many people decided to try out the gym that belongs to the farm on the other side of the river. We went swimming and training in the gym. The water was ice cold, colder than the Atlantic Ocean. It contained neither salt nor chlorine and seemed to come straight out of the creek.

This means nobody stayed long inside the water and also Niklas and I decided to return back after a short dip in the water. As we still had one hour till dinner, Niklas and I decided to explore the river a bit. We climbed over rocks, trees and water until we found a nice spot to listen to music, write in our Klarheit diary and eat our favourite cinnamon rolls.

On our way back to dinner we came past the big bowl on the fire and some sort of liquid was boiling inside. We asked what it was and the locals cooking it said it was sugar cane. They were boiling it over and over again until it became sticky and could be used to make candy.

But this night was only the first stage, it will take another day or two until its done. We were allowed to taste the liquid and indeed it tasted like sugar water. Dinner was served and everyone enjoyed it. This was when the highlight of the night began, the bonfire.

There was a spot for a bonfire down at our campsite and Niklas, our fire devil, was allowed to light the fire which made him very happy. For the rest of the night everyone was sitting somewhere on the campsite, either enjoying conversations in small groups or roasting marshmallows on the bonfire.

Around 10 pm, when the teachers wanted to sleep, we had to extinguish the fire and we also went to sleep. Cuddling in our sleeping bags as the cold creeped over the mountains we enjoyed the basic ways of sleeping in tents.
Good night.

This was our first day at the coffee farm. The corresponding video report will be following soon.

Fun fact of the day: the 26th of January is Australia day and a national holiday in Australia. It celebrates the landing of Captain Cook in Australia. Therefore I would like to wish my friends and family in Australia a Happy Australia Day and a relaxing long weekend.

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