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Reiseblog 22/23 Pelican of London

Are there normal days on the Atlantic?

Date: 2. December 2022
Author: Manuel
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Nautical Position: 22°50.4’ N 21°45.8’W
Etmal: 2948 NM
It’s the fifth day of our Atlantic crossing. The sun is getting warmer and warmer, but each day the wind is slowing and sloooowwwwing down. During today’s ship’s company meeting, Captain Chris told us that we had to use the engine for a couple of days starting tomorrow to get through a hole in the Atlantic where there is next to no wind because of a weather system in the north stealing it all.

Tour with Patrik

To use the last evening of silence in the engine room for the next few days, our Chief Engineer Patrik decided to give us tours in smalls group of four so that we can get familiar with it. First, we got an overview of where each part of the engine room is located.
So, when you enter it, you first get in touch with a big and a small white box on your right. These are the generators which produce all the electricity for the ship. During day time we run the bigger one with a capacity of 60 kWh and at night time the smaller generator works with 40 kWh. To make that switch, we learned which buttons we have to press in which order and how we could turn off both generators at the correct time. Right next to the generators you can find a very small ladder which you have to climb down to get to the lower area, where the main engine is located. Down there it is very tight and you have to squeeze all the time, but surprisingly it wasn’t uncomfortable. The main engine is a 6-cylinder John Deer motor with 333 HP which works on a 4-stroke cycle (intake, compression, power, exhaust). To start the engine, you have to make some very important pre-start checks we got an introduction for. We learned how to check the oil levels of the engine and the gear box, the importance of the engine coolant and how to make sure that the exhaust valves are open.
Last but not least, we got an overview how the fresh-water-system operates. We’ve got a strong pump which presses the salt water from the ocean with a very high pressure of 60bar through some very thin filters. Afterwards we instantly checked the quality of the freshly made water. It was surprisingly very good because it was cold and without the taste of chlorine unlike the tap water in the messroom.

Goings-on after dinner

In the evening, after an amazing presentation about the pollution of the oceans by humans, held by Elizabeth, we had an impromptu-dance session to practice for the Midatlantic Ball. Even though it started raining a little bit, we had loads of fun and learned a lot! Lennox is the master of rock and roll and Carlina proved herself to be a Friesenrock specialist. We tried Tango too, becoming one with wind and rain. In the background we were embraced by the warm sound of Hanna’s Clarinet and Kaija’s Accordion.
To finalize the evening Caro joined in with the band by performing her extraordinary talent of playing two flutes at once and also blowing into one with her nose. In addition to Hanna’s classical pieces and Kaija’s Christmas music, Caro decided on shanties. A lovely mix!

Time to calm down

I can tell you one thing: If you ever have the option to get to see a sunset on the Atlantic, go for it! Every day the golden hour, during which you can see the gentle orange light from the sun turning rosé in contrast with the shining blue of the ocean. This process transfers the whole ship in to an atmosphere from which you simply don’t want to be cut off. It’s just unbelievable!
We are all looking forward to get to Antigua with the most possible sailing we can get. But anyways, we enjoy the crazy time during our Atlantic crossing and have a shit lot of fun.
Stay Tuned!

Weihnachten ist nicht gleich Weihnachten

Datum: 01.12.2022
Autorin: Thea
Position: Atlantik
Nautische Position: 23°56.3’N 020°179’W
Etmal: 2683 nm

Weihnachtsstimmung an Bord der Pelican of London

Der erste Dezember: Weihnachten kommt immer näher und näher. Doch spüren wir das hier noch nicht auf der viel zu warmen Pelican. Ab und zu kommt ein Fünkchen Weihnachtsstimmung hoch, wenn man das ein oder andere Weihnachtslied singt oder hört. Gerade abends, wenn es etwas kälter wird. Wir hoffen alle, vielleicht außer unser nicht so weihnachtenliebender 1. Mate Simon, dass die Weihnachtsstimmung in den nächsten Tagen kommen wird.

Wie wird Weihnachten wohl werden?

Es wird schon wild diskutiert, wie man zuhause Weihnachten feiert, was man isst, mit wem und vor allem wann. Die Frage ist groß, wann wir Weihnachten feiern werden. Am 24. oder am 25. Dezember? Das ist wahrscheinlich abhängig davon, ob wir dann immer noch auf dem Atlantik sein werden oder nicht. Wir hoffen alle, dass wir auf Antigua sein werden oder schon weiter gefahren sind. Jedoch ist es bis jetzt noch unklar, ob die britische Crew oder wir, die deutschen Ocean College Schüler die Planung für die Weihnachtsfeier übernehmen werden.

Das erste Türchen im Adventskalender

Heute, am ersten Dezember, hatten viele das Glück, ihren Adventskalender rausholen zu dürfen und zu schauen, was im ersten Türchen war. Was sich hinter dem ersten Türchen versteckt, will ich euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten und hier sind ein paar Einblicke:
Lennox hat einen Süßigkeiten Adventskalender bekommen. Hinter dem ersten Türchen war ein Lebkuchen.
Manuel fand eine Handcreme, die gerade hier auf dem Schiff häufig sehr nützlich ist.
Sophia hat einen Adventskalender bekommen, in dem sich in jedem Tütchen ein Schokoladenstück befindet. Heute war außerdem ein selbstgemaltes Bild von ihrer Schwester drinnen.
Sophie hat einen M&M Adventskalender bekommen.
Simon durfte das erste Türchen von einem selbstgemalten Adventskalender seines Bruders öffnen. Die Pelican war hinter dem ersten Türchen gemalt.
Theos Adventskalender ist ein Fotoadventskalender. Heute war ein Foto von seiner Familie drinnen.
Hannes bedankt sich bei seiner Mami für einen Adventskalender, bei dem er heute einen Brief und eine Süßigkeit bekommen hat. Diesen konnte er in seiner Bunk (seinem Bett) aufhängen.
Franzi hat einen Briefadventskalender bekommen.
Thea hat sich sehr über einen Marzipanadventskalender mit einem Bild von der ganzen Familie auf der Vorderseite freuen können.
Viele andere haben einen Schokoladenadventskalender bekommen.

Dreharbeiten in Cabin 8 Bunk 24

Nicht nur die Adventskalenderzeit hat heute begonnen, sondern auch spannende Dreharbeiten. Dieses Jahr haben wir hier, auf der Pelican, eine Watchleaderin namens Marie, die für ihre Unieignungsprüfung einen Fünfminuten Kurzfilm dreht. Die heutige Szene fand in Hannas Bett statt. Sophia hatte die Aufgabe, Hanna das Kissen unter dem Kopf weg zu ziehen. Dabei haben wir mit Kopfstirnlampen ein stimmungsvolles Licht kreiert. In den folgenden Tagen werden noch weiteren Leuten die Kopfkissen gestohlen werden. Macht euch gefasst und passt auf, dass nicht euer Kopfkissen noch gestohlen wird.

Sophie: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Helena, hab dich lieb <3.
Hannes: Vielen Dank für den Adventskalender, Mami. Ich vermisse Dich sehr und denke jeden Tag an dich.
Nicolai: Liebe Grüße an meine Familie und an Pia und all meine Freunde.
Simon: Ich grüße meinen kleinen Bruder und bedanke mich herzlich für den selbstgemachten Adventskalender. Außerdem grüße ich noch den ganzen Rest meiner Familie, insbesondere meine liebe Oma.
Klara: Ich grüße die Mama von Nicolai.
Theo: Ich grüße die Lisa und den Paul mitten aus dem Atlantik.
Thea: Ich grüße meine Familie, besonders meine Schwester Leni und Mami, die mir einen richtig coolen Adventskalender gemacht haben, der wahrhaftig einmalig ist und bedanke mich sehr dafür. Dadurch habe ich noch ein wenig mehr Weihnachtsstimmung bekommen.

Razors, Hungry Washing Machines and Politics – Our Time on The Atlantic Ocean

Date: 30.11.2022
Author: Leni
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Nautical Position: 26˚ 53.6 N 028˚ 38.8 W
Etmal: 2733 NM
Today is our third day of the Atlantic crossing. The last three days were great. We mostly sailed under the blue sky with a moderate sea state, happy to finally leave the Canaries after all this time of waiting and breathe the fresh ocean air. Only a few of us were seasick but no one vomited. School and watches started and we all got used to the daily routine while making our way over the Atlantic Ocean.

Just a bit shorter?

One of the Highlights in the last days was the Pelican turning into a hair salon. We all are aware of the weather getting warmer and warmer while sailing southwards, so Nate came up with the idea to cut his hair a bit shorter. Putting all his trust into her, Nate allowed Marie to shorten his hair on the foredeck. In the end, Marie cut some beautiful sharp steps into his hair all around his head. It was impossible to save this haircut so finally it was decided… Nate became the fourth person on Pelican with a Buzzcut and Leander had lots of fun with the razor.


New abilities… learning how to cut hair

To continue, Nate wasn’t the only person becoming a victim of the crazy hairdressers on Pelican. After some encouraging, Fynn also wanted to get his hair cut, but this time Nate and Leni were the chosen ones. We didn’t want Fynn’s hair to end up like Nate’s, so we were really careful and took our time. After about two hours, interrupted by lots of sail handling, we finally finished our art project. The welldeck was full of hair and we really had to clean it but the haircut we created wasn’t to bad. No steps, no Buzzcut, no other crazy things. In fact, we all were pretty happy and proud of our result and decided to start doing haircutting as a mini job on board. We even already have two other people who want their hair shorter for the hot Caribbean climate.

Lots of ownerless crap around the ship

Another topic we had to talk about in the last days was how to proceed with the lost property box. The lost property box is the place were we put in all the stuff lying around on the ship without an owner. If you search for something you have good chances to find it there. Every Saturday or Sunday we bring it from its place in Simon’s bathroom out on the welldeck to empty it. Everything that doesn’t find its owner, belongs to the first person who wants it. Sometimes, when we have things like beanies or T-Shirts there are more people fighting about it and then they must pay with sweets. Unfortunately, we loose lots of stuff on this ship and especially the washing machine loves to eat our laundry (mostly socks) what mystically also finds its way into this box. So, in conclusion the lost property box, and with it Simon’s bathroom, becomes a laundry storage, what he isn’t amused about. To solve this problem, a Watchleader came up with the idea, that we always have to pay sweets to them, when we grab something out of the box, but no one was convinced by this solution, so we’re still working on it…

student on Pelican

Pelican Politics

The overfilling of our lost property box was one of the reasons while we had some very serious discussions about politics in today’s morning meeting. First, we had to decide whether we want to be a democracy or a monarchy, the system preferred by the englisch crew on board. After we shut up those who shouted: “We want a dictator” and “Vivre la revolution, cut his head off!”, the democracy won by majority of votes. So, our British ship is now divided into England (Cabin 9 and 6), Northern Ireland (Cabin 8), Wales (Cabin 7 and 12) and Scotland (Cabin 10 and 11). All the states have different forms of politics and different interests, but they all had to select one kind of leader, who meets with the others and the permanent crew in the ship’s council. We will see how peaceful conflicts will be solved in the future…

The Nations and their Plans

… Scotland decided to be a military dictatorship wanting to bring all other nations under its control. So Northern Ireland, a strong and intelligent nation with a good working political system based on fairness and human rights, decided to get close connections to Wales. Unfortunately, Wales is a twisted nation with two groups arguing about influence and leadership and England is still thinking about who should get Queen or King. One cabin voted for the strong Queen Elizabeth III and some others preferred the revolution under Nate.
As you can see or rather read, we won’t get bored on Pelican. The future will show how our fight against the socks eating washing machine continues and whether we will or won’t have war or peace between the four glorious cabin nations on Pelican.
Viele Grüße an meine Eltern, Frieda, Andi, Wiebke und Clemens. Ich hoffe, dass es euch gut geht, hab‘ euch lieb und vermisse euch. Ebenfalls liebe Grüße an die Philos und Amaia, ich denke an euch  <3.
Hanna: Liebe Grüße an Mama, Papa, Lina und Julius😊Hab euch ganz doll lieb!

Ganz alleine mit dem Ocean College,
Leben mit 35 Schülern,
über den Atlantik segeln,
Costa Rica erleben,
Kaffeeplantage, Urwald, Surfen,
das ist Glück!!!



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