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Reiseblog 22/23 Regina Maris

Beach Clean–Up

Date: 07.11.2022
Authors: Leo and Marlene
Position: Landéda, France
Nautical position: N48 35,987 W 04 33,717
Etmal: 446 M

Science Pathway and Microplastic Homework

After today’s breakfast we had time to work on our pathway presentation, which we will begin holding tomorrow. In addition, we were asked to discuss the homework we had received a week prior on microplastic with Florian. We addressed the possibilities we see in the daily reduction of plastic usage on board as well as at home and the prevention of microplastic entering our ecosystem.

Furthermore, we debated on how to raise awareness upon the subject, for example through social media campaigns and how to implement progressive measures in our everyday life. This tied in perfectly and prepared us for our next project.

Our first Beach Clean-Up

In the Afternoon we embarked on a journey to Plage Plougouri. This trip took us roughly 50 minutes along the beautiful countryside and coastline of Landéda. When we arrived, we were divided into different groups. On the one hand, there were groups of four which had the task to generally pick up rubbish along the shore. On the other hand, a total of seven students were asked to select one square metre of beach, sieve the sand and determine the contained amount of micro plastic.

The results of which will be evaluated tomorrow. We were pleasantly surprised that our two hours of hard work only amounted to roughly half a bag of rubbish. Considering the extremely windy weather conditions we were working under, everyone was very pleased to have spent the day on land and return home to a pleasant surprise from Kester the cook.

Pear Crumble and Game Night 🙂

After a long day of hard work we enjoyed a very well-prepared apple crumble. In conclusion, we decided to finished off the day with a calm (-ish) game night, which ranged from „who am I“ to „wizard“ and „set“.

Quote of the day:

Sarah am Strand: “Müssen wir das Sieben oder können wir‘s auch achten?”

Notstop Landéda

Datum: 06.11.2022
Autor:innen: Pola, Philipp
Position: Landéda
Nautische Position: N48 35,987 W 04 33,717
Etmal: 446 M

Frühstück und Happy Hour

Noch von der nächtlichen Seekrankheit gezeichnet, wurden wir heute morgen alle für das Frühstück und eine Ansprache geweckt. Danach stand, wie jeden Sonntag, die Happy Hour auf dem Programm. Jede Watch musste verschiedene Sachen am Schiff putzen. Nach dem schlechten Wetter und dem Versuch, die Biscaya zu durchqueren, mussten wir auch die Cabins wieder auf Vordermann bringen.

Shore Leave mit dem Beiboot (Dinghy)

Nach der Happy Hour hatten wir von 11:00 bis 18:15 Uhr shore leave. Dieser wurde genutzt, um Landéda zu erkunden. Die ersten paar Personen sind mit Lex mit dem Dinghy gefahren. Lex ist ein Fahrer, der weiß, wie man Spaß hat. Zum Glück hat das Boot irgendwann funktioniert, nachdem ein paar Komplikationen aufgetreten sind. Einige waren im Restaurant, um endlich wieder Pizza zu essen. Danach waren viele spazieren. Die Natur war wunderschön!!

Fitness an Deck und Meeting

Um 17:30 Uhr haben viele Leute an Deck Sport gemacht, während andere ihre Familien und Freunde angerufen haben. Im Anschluss haben sich dann alle für das Ocean College Meeting im Messroom zusammengefunden. Neben der Planung für den kommenden Tag wurden wir auf das am Abend folgende PowerPoint Karaoke vorbereitet.

PowerPoint Karaoke

Beim PowerPoint Karaoke müssen Präsentationen ohne Kontext und Vorbereitung vorgestellt werden. Meistens ergeben die Präsentationen keinen Sinn aber die Kunst daran ist es, sie gut und lustig zu verkaufen. Bei jeder Präsentation gab es unfassbar viel zu lachen.

Lehrer Florian bei seiner Präsentation

Trying to cross the Biscaya

Datum: 05.11.2022
Authors: Jonathan und Silas
Position: Landéda
Nautische Position: N48°35,98 W04°33,72
Etmal: 446,6M

Regina lost

Today we lost the head-figure (aka.: Sister Reggie) of the boat. It fell off at around 12o’clock. We immediatly started turning the engine off and pulled down the sails. After the sails were pulled down, the figure was already out of our view. We still turned around and started searching but had no sucess. You could imagine that losing your head-figure is not that big of a problem, but it showed us how important it is to not fall in the water and to be clipped in when there is rough weather. Especially if nobody notices you falling into the water or it’s dark.

Rough Sea

Even though we expected good weather today the sea was very rough. There were very high waves and the wind was coming from South-West. That lead to some very hard watches. It was very cold, we were getting wet and many were seasick. But we were prepared this time. We had many pills, tons of ginger and a lot of Zwieback. That lead to not that many people having to throw up. Also we saw a lot of dolphins. They were swimming next to our boat and made searching for our head-figure a bit more fun.

Visiting France (again)

In the afternoon we were not allowed to stay on deck. That was because the weather was to rough and the crew decided that they are going to steer the ship into the harbor of Landéda. Inside we were also having a hard time. Everything was sliding around and many glasses broke. We are currently looking for land program in the next couple of days. Also we can’t continue because we’d be heading directly into a big storm. We are expected to start sailing again on tuesday evening or wednesday morning.



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