Ocean College

Reiseblog 19/20

Christmas feelings on the Pelican

Date: 2 December 2019
Author: Florett
Position: Half way across the Atlantic ocean
Geographical Position: 14° 02.8 N/ 042° 14.8 W
Etmal: 122nm

The Tea Advent Calendar

It was 27°C and it felt a bit strange when I opened my advent calendar in the morning, because I always associate December with cold weather.

I have a tea advent calendar and a self-made one from my parents- probably with small pictures of my family and me (I can only guess, because I have just seen the first two, so maybe there will be a surprise).

It was 7 o’clock in the morning and the first thing I did was making myself a cup of tea and sat down on the fore deck, watching the sun and the waves.

Sometimes it is still a strange feeling to know that I’m in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and yesterday on the first advent I was thinking about it again.

Christmas Mütze

Being grateful

These moments I always remember myself to be grateful.

For all the things I have and for this whole adventure, but also for those I don’t have in the moment. Because when I see them from a distance I can see how important they are for me.

So because I wanted to be thankful for what I have I closed my eyes and drunk my tea very slowly.

hen I drink tea normally (what I do very often since I’m here) I just drink it by doing something else.

But now I tried to taste what kind of tee it was – ginger, cinnamon, lemon and something that was very spicy.

I remembered that I forgot to enjoy all the things which are feeling so normal for me.

Florett schreibt

Happy (Christmas) Hour

During we had to clean the whole ship you could hear Christmas music everywhere (except on the deck because white watch was cleaning it with the fire hose).

Personally, I’m not a fan of songs like “Last Christmas” and while I was cleaning the toilet brushes (a wonderful job) I noticed that all these Christmas songs have something in their key, the melody or the instruments that makes them sound all the same.

Maybe that’s why there are also people who don’t like it.

But we will come to this later.


Our one o’clock meeting was also very chrismassy.

After the general information (where we are, how many nautical miles we have done in the last 24 hours, and so on) we were told that we will do “Secret Santa”.

So everyone got a small sheet of paper with a name on it.

For this person we will prepare a present. That’s a great thing, because everyone can prepare and get a present.

And because most of us don’t have something we could present to someone we have to be creative and make things by our own. In my opinion, this can be a much cooler present than a bought one.


In the afternoon some people started to decorate the mess.

Now we have a beautiful advent calendar designed by our teachers. It can be opened every day by someone else so everyone, also those of us who don’t have their own one, can have a surprise.

And there are also some people who are making each other calendars with calendar quotes.

Different opinions

I also talked to a person who is not happy about all this Christmas stuff.

She said the most annoying thing would be the music which would be too early.

And it would not be the right atmosphere for Christmas, because it is so hot and sunny.

But I also talked to another person who likes all this christmassy stuff. So we can see how different the opinions on this ship are.

PS: To my parents: Could you please buy me lots of Christmas sweets so I can eat them when I’m back in April!?

Schiff im Sonnenuntergang

Meine Woche als Bosun

Datum: 01. Dezember 2019
Autor: Paul
Position: Irgendwo auf dem Atlantik
Geographische Position: 014° 11.270N, 039° 36.925W

Bosun’s Department

Seit unserer Abfahrt in Mindelo bin ich zusammen mit Simon Mitglied des Bosun’s Department.

Das ist zwar mit Aufgaben verbunden, wie z.B. jeden Tag um sechs Uhr aufzustehen, um die über die Nacht eingeholten Segel (Royal und Outer Jib) wieder zu setzen, macht dafür aber sehr viel Spaß und ermöglicht es einem vor allem, sofern nichts passiert, weswegen man nachts geweckt wird, die Nacht durchzuschlafen!

Weitere Vorteile sind die Tatsache, dass man immer First Sitting ist, weil permanent Crew, und dass die Desserts in der Box für die permanent Crew sind, d.h. es isst einem keiner etwas weg, was bei den Watches trotz Abzählen ab und zu mal vorkommen kann.


Die größte Aufgabe dieser Woche war Blacking.

Ungefähr alle sechs Monate müssen die Wanten, welche zum Schutz mit einer dünnen gewachsten Schnur umwickelt sind und darauf eine schwarze Schutzschicht tragen, diese Schutzschicht erneuert bekommen.

Diese Schutzschicht besteht aus Farbe, Öl, Harz und einem Trocknungsbeschleuniger.

Diese Mischung hält ganz gut auf Wanten und trocknet nach einigem Rumprobieren mit der Zusammensetzung mittlerweile auch innerhalb von 24h, hält aber noch bedeutend besser auf Haut.

Zumindest sah man uns abends immer an, was wir den Tag über gemacht haben.

Pete und Simon haben am Anfang der Woche den Fore Mast geblackt, Sam und ich danach den Mizzen Mast.

Danach haben wir es einigermaßen geschafft, uns von schwarzen Flecken zu befreien, nur um gestern eine Seite des Großmastes bearbeiten zu dürfen, d.h. wieder alles schwarz.

Pelican vom Land aus

Weitere Aufgaben

Aber natürlich haben wir nicht nur geblackt, sondern auch andere Dinge gemacht, die z.T. notwendig waren, z.B. das Ölen von allem Leder im Rigg, z.T. aber auch dem Zweck dienten, uns beschäftigt aussehen zu lassen.

Petes Philosophie ist es, neben so vielen Pausen (Smokos) wie möglich, möglichst „overworked” zu wirken, auch wenn man das nicht ist.

Z.b. sind wir gestern um 16:00 (um 17:00 beenden wir immer unsere Arbeit und holen die genannten Segel ein) auf den Großmast und haben Schnüre an den Wanten erneuert, die zwar erneuert werden mussten, aber nicht dringend waren.

Aber immerhin: wir waren im Rigg und sahen beschäftigt aus.

All das ist für uns jetzt leider erstmal vorbei, da wir wieder Wachen zugeteilt werden und das Bosuns Departement erstmal wieder verlassen.

PS. Einen schönen ersten Advent an alle!

Pelican - jede Menge aufgaben als Bosun


Date: 30.11.2019
Author: Frida
Position: The middle of the Atlantic
Geographical Position: 14°18.1 N /038°14.4 W
Etmal: 117 nm

Are you awake?

“Friiiida, Friiiida are you awake?” Slowly I opened my eyes to a Joana who was far to motivated.

3:30 in the morning and I thought: “Yes, yes I am, but out my mouth there only came: Mhh maybe I am.”

I fought with hardness against a monster far to big and far to strong: sleepiness. It was a fight I couldn’t win and so I lost.

The soft cushions of my bed, held me tight in their stranglehold and pulled me back down into the lovely hell that called itself Sleep.

“Friiiiida, Friiiida”, the vicious voice of morning awoke me again.

This time I couldn’t lose as the honorable, famous and strong night : Joana with her 160 cm now used all her fighting skills to keep me awake.

She took away my blanket and ripped me from my sleep as the electrical sun reflected from her armor and into my eyes.

Help - braucht man nicht am Steuer

The first two hours

“The first two hours, survive the first two hours” was the only thought speeding through my head as I stepped outside and a warm gust of air greeted me.

I went up the stairs and along the poop deck already seeing the relieved faces of the off going watch as they anticipated my coming with a smile on their faces.

While handing over my soul was pleading to the gods: “Please Jacky, please, please don’t put me on the helm” but it came as it had to and Jacky being the she-devil she so commonly is, made me steer.

Tic toc.

Tiiiiiiic Toooooc, Tiiiiiiic Tooooc, is what it feels like standing there, the time going by slower than a sloth.

The wheel in my hands, the ship in my control …. and then the worst case scenario happens, the compass, that son of a b____(by Ruben) suddenly shows 290 instead of the supposed 275 degrees.

I started turning the wheel like a hamster and the voice in my head screamed: HEEEELLLP!!!

Help for the children
Simon erklärt etwas für die watch.


And then they come, just like the cavalry on the horizon: my watch.

And so me and my watch battle the morning hours, everybody helping where they can and that is how we survive till breakfast as a team.

I wrote this because every single one of us is always there to help and to know that there’s always someone you can talk to, always someone who helps you, never a problem that can’t be solved, is just awesome.

For example if someone is sick or not feeling well, there’s always someone offering their help asking if they can do something for you.

Or if you don’t understand something in Math there’s always someone there to explain it.

Or you just can’t do the last hour of your watch there’s always someone there who offers to takeover.

And even if its just a hug you need there’s always someone there to hug.

P.S: An meine Familie, ich wünsche euch eine schöne Adventszeit, feiert schön den ersten Advent.
Ich habe euch lieb und vermisse euch! Frida