Ocean College

Reiseblog 19/20

„Murder News“- Die Tageszeitung auf der Pelican

Datum: 05. Dezember 2019
Autor: Linus
Position: Atlantik
Geographische Position: 13° 54. 0N | 49° 16. 4W
Etmal: 149 nm

Bereits vor einigen Tagen gab es einen Tagesbericht von Phil über unser Mörderspiel. In diesem hat er das Spiel ein bisschen erklärt und ein paar Beispiele gegeben. Was zu dieser Zeit jedoch noch nicht so bekannt war, dass die Bordzeitungs-AG entschieden hatte, einen täglichen Bericht über die Morde vom Vortag zu schreiben.

Ich wurde der Verantwortliche für diese Berichte, da ich leider als einer der ersten getötet wurde und somit ein vertrauenswürdiger Ansprechpartner war. Somit erfuhr ich nach und nach (fast) alle Geheimnisse die an Bord existierten und aus diesen Geheimnissen wurden die ersten Murder News, welche handschriftlich im Messroom ausgehängt wurden.

Als ich dann überlegte, welches Thema für meinen Tagesbericht passen würde, kam mir die Idee, alle Murder News abzutippen und in den Tagesbericht zu stecken. Somit wünsche ich viel Spaß bei den folgenden Texten voller Spannung, Hinterhältigkeit und Spaß. 

Edition 1

Murder News
author: Linus
published by: Pelican News

So on the day before yesterday we began with our murder game and because of this the “Pelican Times“ team decided to publish “Murder News“.

So we found a person which saw everything and told us his story: The beginning it was almost midnight when I walked around on the Welldeck because I couldn`t sleep. Suddenly, I heard something behind me. I turned around… and then I relaxed. Johannes was coming back from his round. I watched him, going to the stairs to the Poopdeck.

In the next moment a shadow appeared and hit him with a big picture frame. Johannes fell down the stairs… and died. When the shadow dissappeared, I saw his face! Simon of the crew members! I went back to bed and slept very bad because of this terrible secret.

After breakfast I went outside to look at the daily routine. At maybe 08:30, Pete asked some people to help him to set the royal. When the group of students went downstairs from the Poopdeck, he threw an underpant and hit Carl´s head. Just a few seconds later Carl got unconscious and fell overboard.

About 11:00, I sat on the Welldeck when I saw a big flying carpet attacking Paul. After a short fight the carpet chocked Paul to death. After a quick research I knew that  Max controlled the carpet with his mental powers. I was shocked! So many dead people.

Before I had the chance to react, Philipp met Joana between the galley and the Welldeck, took an umbrella and stabed her to death. Later I found the dead body of Sarah. I don´t know who killed her. At the end of the day I observed how Florett fell down from the boat deck.

A big poisonous spider crawled around her neck! I searched the murder, but I didn´t find him. At about 18:00, I was chilling in the saloon when Sam stepped in and went to a little treasure chest. She opened the chest and something little shot out of it. The thing flew out of the the chest directly into her heart. I don´t know who is the murderer, but I saw Anson with this chest a few hours ago. Maybe…

So that‘s what happened yesterday. Good luck to everyone who is still alive. Plan your kills and try to survive. We will see what our anonymous narrator will discover next time.

Edition 2

30.11.2019 Murder News
author: Linus
Published by: Pelican New

Yesterday a lot of people died and our anonymous narrator again discovered some murders. So let´s have a look on his story from yesterday. Mysterious serial killer?! I will begin with yesterday evening. I was passing by the main mast bilge, thinking about different things, when I saw Silja.

She walked towards me. Suddenly, somemone threw a welly between her legs. She slipped and her head hit the floor. I ran to the place where the welly came from, but there was nobody. Later, maybe about midnight, I was on the Foredeck because we did something on the Jibs. When I was ready to leave, I saw a silhouette attacking Max.

It pressed some socks in his mouth and after a moment, Max suffocated. The silhouette dissappeared immediately. Later during classes, Marlene K. took a dictionary, opened it and stopped… she opened up her eyes. Her breath was irregular and she fell down the bench. I saw, that there was something on the paper of the dictionary. I looked around and saw Tamsin dissappearing with a bottle of poison.

Also during school, Simon of the crew members came into the Messroom with the Spanker Trysail. I followed him and saw, how he took it up a mast. I recognized that he didn´t take up the clew. He went to Simon (the one with hair), and gave him the clew. In this moment there came a squall. The sail banged overboard with the Clew and Simon flew overboard.

So we lost the next person. In the afternoon, Jonas was climbing in the bowsprit, when Anson came with a big chest. He attacked Jonas and after a short fight, he put Jonas in the chest, locked it and kicked it overboard. After a few seconds, the chest sank.

A few hours later, someone told me that Lilly threw some christmas‘ balls on Elena. Elena cut herself, but she didn´t die. At half past twelve, Tamsin hit Marco with an iron on his head and killed him. That´s her second kill today! After this I´ve heard that Elena‘s cut got festered and she died because of this.

The last dead person of today was Marlene M. because she was attacked by a Pelican in the saloon. But who sent the Pelican? …So now about two thirds of the people are dead. I´m excited to see who will be the winner of this game!

Edition 3

1.12.2019 Murder News
author: Linus
Published by: Pelican News

We begann with 40 people. Happy and motivated. Now, one quarter is still alive and everybody tries to reach the first place. Here is the story how we came down to 10 people: The last standing 10! A loud scream! I woke up! I realized that I fell asleep after dinner. I ran up to the fenders where the scream came from and saw Amelie´s dead body lying on the deck.

A few pieces of broken clay lay around her body. On the next day Lea was attacked by a unicorn which killed her with his horn. After this Angelina died because the earth fell on her head. She was killed with an atlas. In the afternoon I saw how somebody killed Jackie. The person took a pin and hit Jackie´s head. When the person ran away I saw that he wore some wellies.

At about 13:00 the staff meeting began. Pete had showered just a few minutes before and came up to the wheelhouse with a hairdryer. When he dried his mountain of hair, a wave came and caused a short circuit. Pete got a shock and after the wave was gone he was just a burned toast. Just 15 minutes after this, some people joined together to kill Mara, because she knew too much.

They came from behind Mara and hanged her with a charger. This was the  last kill of today. The last 10 people are alive. Maybe there might be some favourites, but nobody knows who will be the winner.

Last 10 survivors: 1. Anson (engineer), 2. Tamsin (first mate), 3. Simon (second mate), 4. Philipp S. (doctor), 5. Jens (teacher), 6. Lilly (mentor), 7. Ella (student), 8. Paula (student), 9. Phil (student), 10. Ruben (student)

Edition 4

2-3.12.2019 Murder News
author: Linus
Published by: Pelican News

The last 10 people are all very paranoid. Because of this, we reached just three kills in two days. These kills were carried out with a lot of tactic and some people turned into traitors and killed their best friends or helped killing them. And our anonymous narrator gave us some very interesting informations.

Should I trust or should I don’t? Today was a very peaceful day. I went upstairs for breakfast and was surprised that nobody died at night. Even after the breakfast nobody of our 10 survivors died. They were all very happy (except Anson, because he had to clean some very disgusting stuff) and motivated (except of Tamsin because she didn’t had her coffee this morning).

But then Pete took some people to set the Spanker. It was the same tactic he killed Carl with, but Paula trusted him, when he said she should climb up the Mizzen Mast to put away some gaskets. She climbed up and didn’t realize that Jens climbed up behind her. When she stood on a very short rope, both hands on the gaskets, Jens held some flowers under her nose.

He knew that Paula had an allergy against flowers. She sneezed and fell down the Mizzen Mast. Later everybody thought: “Why did she trust Pete?“. It was a very mean kill, but it was the only one today.

So in my latest researches I discovered a couple of important things. The beginning of this day was very peaceful like yesterday. We also reached a peaceful atmosphere till we had lunch! But that was it. White Watch A had to clean. One of the members of Whitewatch A was Phil. He knew where his killer wants to kill him, so he said: “I won’t go there“.

What he didn’t know was that the majority of White Watch A and some people from other watches joined together to kill him. He got the task to restore the toilet paper and when he went in one of the bathrooms Ella jumped into the bathroom behind him and hit him with a cup of tea. She hit him so hard that he died just because of this.

In the evening Anson climbed up to the third Main Mast platform and when he came back, Phillip waited on the second plattform to kill him. He threw some flowers to Anson. Who was so surprised, that he jumped back. Straight into the nothing. Just seven people are still alive! But now some survivors know where they should die.

So we might do something to keep the fun in this game… 

Edition 5

5.12.2019 Murder News
author: Linus
Published by: Pelican News

On the fourth of december nobody died. Because of this, we (Miriam, Mascha and Linus) decided to change the system of the game a bit. We came together and thought about some new ideas and the final product was the advanced murdering game!

The advanced murdering game is a bit more difficult than the normal murder game. We sat in the saloon and thought about different things which should make murdering really hard. At first we had the idea to add a time where the murder has to kill. For example between 16:00 and 20:00.

But at the end we decided that this would be to hard. So we invented two new categories which won’t make murdering much more harder, but funnier for the death people. At first, before murdering, you have to do a good deed. Like Miriam said: “Because murdering is mean“.

One of the good deeds for example is to dance the Makarena dance in front of the whole crew (32 students, 5 Mentors and the permanent crew). If you have done your good deed, you are allowed to kill your victim. The second category is a task you have to do WHILE you are killing your victim.

For example, singing a cristmas song or wearing a christmas hat. So because of this there might be some very funny kills. Not funny for the murderer but funny for the death people.

At December 5, we began with the advanced murdering game. At December 6, Jens already killed Simon with Florett’s French book while Simon was eating some sweet stuff. While he did this, he sang a beautiful christmas song.

Just a bit later Jens killed Philipp with a cigarette next to something with the number 13. So Jens, who didn´t kill so much people in the normal murder game, killed two people in just a few hours.

That‘s what the advanced murdering game does with peaceful people! Five People, the best of the bests, are left! The final fight comes closer and closer. Just one person can win this game and claim the title of the murderer of the year!

Experience ABC

Author: Mara
Date: 4 December 2019
Position: somewhere one the Atlantic
Geographical Position: 13°51.0N 47°37.3W
Etmal: 135 nm
Days without Toilet blockage: 21

Advent: Most of us are very exited to celebrate Christmas on board, even if it’s not cold and there is no snow. It’s just about spending time together.

Bazaar in Marocco: Taking part in the market life by haggling was really interesting and fun.

Camel riding: Feels similar to a moving ship but this time no one got sea-/camelsick.

Dolphin spotting: During the first two weeks dolphins visited us nearly every day.

Encouragement: I experience this every day, especially during the watch.

Fun: No matter how tired you are, there are always fun activities to join.

Great time: We had a really great time on the beaches playing in the waves.

Half of the Atlantic crossing: We’ve been at sea for about ten days now and celebrated reaching this with a midatlantic party/ball.

Isla Santo Antao: I enjoyed watching the cute little baby turtles hatching and making their way into the sea.

Jippie!: We found some amazing shells at the beaches.

Klarheit: The best way to remember all of these cool experiences is to write them down. So why not use our ,,Klarheitcalender’’ for that.

Life Drills: Knowing and learning all about safety gives you confidence in case of an emergency situation.

Monkey: After you’ve got our Pelican Monkey certification, you’re officially allowed to climb by yourself.

New Friends/Family: After six weeks at sea we’re all really close and taking care of each other.

Ocean Sience Centre Mindelo: I found it very interesting when we visited the Sience Centre and were taught about the work of an ocean sienctist

Pelican: When I was walking down the quay to the Pelican on my first day, being a bit nervous and very exited.

Quiz: We are not supposed to leave our stuff laying around on deck. If we do so, it gets confiscated and on Sunday you have to answer a difficult question to get it back.

Responsibility: Daily life on a ship requires everyone to take responsibility for their stuff and the jobs that were given to them.

Seasickness: Being seasick is one of the most team building experiences.

Teamwork: Teamwork is absolutely necessary, especially during sail handling.

Unexpected Situations: Living on a ship means making plans and having to deal with the fact that they get messed up.

Very large fish caught: A few days ago we caught a beautiful fish called Mahi-Mahi.

Watching the sunrise on top of the Teide together: For me that was one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences of all.

Yard: Another part to get the Pelican Monkey certification is reaching the end of the yard of the T’Gallant.

Zooplankton: During biology lesson we microscoped the different types of plankton we caught in the sea.

Ein Schiff, die Mitte des Atlantiks und mitten dazwischen ein Ball wie die Met-Gala

Datum: 03. Dezember 2019
Autorin: Laura
Position: Irgendwo im Atlantik
Geographische Position: 13°57.1 N 44°37.9W
Etmal: 140 nm

16.oo Uhr.
Die Vorbereitung kommen ins Rollen: Kleider werden ausgepackt, Zimmer werden in Schönheits-Salons umgewandelt und unser Well Deck wird dekoriert. Schauen wir uns das Geschehen aber mal genauer an:

Man hört Duschen prasseln, Haare werden hochgesteckt, Jungs und Mädchen laufen chaotisch durch die Gegend und fragen nach Föhn, Gel oder Haarklammern. Mädchen tauschen Kleider und Schuhe und Jungs diskutieren, ob sie doch nun im Hemd oder Polo gehen sollen.

Ich befinde mich irgendwo dazwischen, Noé schminkt mich, Marlene macht meine Haare und ich sitze mit Schuhen von Johanna auf dem Boden, die mir mindestens zwei Nummern zu klein sind. Oben auf dem Deck sehen wir, wie Girlanden und Lichterketten aufgehangen und in der Küche Pfannen geschwungen, Töpfe umgerührt und Nachtische zubereitet werden.

Nebenbei wird die Watch abgelöst, um sich auch fertig machen zu können und der ein oder andere wird beim Mörderspiel “getötet”.

17.oo Uhr.
Als ich nach oben zum Well Deck gehe, hört man schon die ersten Komplimente und hitzige Diskussionen. Der Anblick raubt mir den Atem:

Alle haben sich schick gemacht, was ein großer Kontrast zu den sonst ollen Jogginghosen und fettigen Haaren ist. Auch die Crew kommt in Hemd und passender Hose, die Lehrer geschminkt und in Krawatte.

Als dann alle beisammen sind, hören wir eine kurze Rede vom Kapitän und schon wird das Tanzbein geschwungen. Es folgen Stunden mit Cha Cha cha, Rumba und Disko Fox, beigebracht von unseren liebenswerten Mentoren Paul und Lilly.

Zum Dinner gibt es Pasta mit Gemüse und Huhn und Anson (unser Engineer, der heute als Kellner dient) schickte jeden, der auch nur in die Nähe der Galley kam, auf direktem Wege wieder hinaus- ich zitiere: “RAUS OF THE GALLEY”. Nach weiteren wilden Stunden des Tanzens (ganz vorne mit dabei sind Jens und Mascha), finden sich einige in Grüppchen quatschend und tratschend wieder, bis Abbie ein weiteres Highlight dieses Ab ends verkündet: Tiramisu.

22.oo Uhr.
Mit vollem Magen, einem glücklichen Lächeln im Gesicht und vielen neuen Erinnerungen, sowohl auf Kamera wie im Gehirn, werden wir dann lieb in unser Bettchen geschickt. So endet ein wunderschöner Abend.

PS: Grüße gehen raus an meine Familie, ich hab euch ganz dolle lieb und vermiss euch,danke auch an den tollen Adventskalender, ich freue mich jeden Tag ihn zu öffnen
Puszi Laura.

PPS: Genauso gehen Grüße raus an Noés Familie, ich soll euch wissen lassen das sie euch ebenfalls unendlich lieb hat, und euch in wenigen Tagen, wenn wir in der Karibik ankommen, anrufen wird.

PPS: Happy Birthday Celina. Ich habe dich ganz doll lieb und vermisse dich. Du bist ein fantastischer Mensch. Bleib so wie du bist.
~Marlene M.

PPPS: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag mein allerliebster Lieblingsbruder (außer Jakob <3 )