Ocean College

Reiseblog 19/20

It‘s all about motivation and happiness

Date: 19. October 2019
Author: Lilly
Position: 24 hours away from Vigo (hurray)!
Geographische  Position: 43°45‘1‘‘ N / 6° 19‘9‘‘
Etmal: 531 sm

„ARE YOU HAPPY?“ If you are being asked that question, try to answer “Yes I am“ as enthusiastic as possible even though you might just want to scream “Noooo!“ back into the person‘s face. That might sound a little strange at first, however, repeatedly reminding yourself and also everyone else to stay positive will eventually help you to stay on the bright side. This could be seasickness, an extremely long day of three watches or having to steer the wheel at 4 am in the morning when its pouring down and all you can think of is taking a long and hot bath.

Mentor Paul am Steuerrad bei Regen
Are you happy?

Singing songs for happiness

By singing songs together during your watch your brain will eventually release endorphines that again are responsible for your happiness! Old songs from the 80s, the latest pop songs, recently learned English shantees, songs about sailing in general, church songs, German songs, Easter songs, or songs from your childhood like “Bruder Jakob“ or “Drei kleine Wölfe“. Searching for any leftover lyrics somewhere in the deepest and darkest corners of your memory is guaranteed fun. If you fail, just go with any words that come to your mind, that will do as well.

However, there is one big exception we strictly have to hold on to: No single Christmas song until the last birthday before Christmas has been celebrated!

In case you run out of songs to sing, either come up with your own ones or just repeat everything you have sung so far from the beginning. Personally, I would not recommend dancing on the poop deck, you are very likely to slide across the whole deck (talking about personal expericene here).

The small little things for happiness

It is incredible how two words “dolphins ahead“ can cheer up a whole ship from one second to the other. And today two wales have been spotted at the horizon for the very first time. Well, to be honest, only the fontaines of them, but who cares about that little detail!? For all the ones who keep missing the dolphins, including me, I am sure Abbies absolutely delicious brownies will come up for that.

P.S.: The latest record of not blocking the toiletts is six days and we are very keen on breaking that record.

Galley Duty

Datum: 18 Oktober 2019
Autor: Marlene K.
Position:  Westküste Spaniens
Geographische  Position: 43° 53. 9 N,  006° 19.6 W 
Etmal: 99´

Mein Tag startete heute um 06:15 Uhr in der Früh mit der Galley Duty, auf deutsch gesagt mit dem Küchendienst. Kurz zusammengefasst bedeutet das, beim Mittag- und Abendessen von sämtlichen Personen Extrawünsche bezüglich der Menge und des Essens allgemein entgegen zunehmen und dabei bloß nicht den Überblick zu verlieren.

Wie funktioniert das System der Galley Duty?

Die Galley Duty besteht aus unserer Köchin Abbie und drei Teilnehmer*innen. Die Gruppe dieser setzt sich aus den drei verschiedenen Watches zusammen: white, red und blue. Damit alles gerecht vonstatten geht, rotiert der Galley Dienst täglich, so dass jeder im Durchschnitt alle zehn Tage in der Küche mitarbeitet. Für den Tag, an dem wir Galley Duty haben, entfallen alle anderen Aufgaben inklusive Watches und das tägliche Putzen.

Was sind die Aufgaben der Galley Duty?

Eine der Hauptaufgaben von uns ist das dreckige Geschirr abzuwaschen und abzutrocknen. Bei rund 40 Leuten kann das je nach Essen eine ganze Weile dauern. Heute musste ich hinhalten und habe alle Teller, Schüsseln, Töpfe und Besteck abwaschen müssen. Bis jetzt hat es keiner geschafft aus der Küche ohne schrumplige Finger zurückzukehren. Eine weitere Aufgabe für mich war das Schneiden von Auberginen, Ingwer und weiterem Gemüse.

Heute hatten ich und die anderen beim Küchendienst den Vorteil, dass wir mehr Nachtisch bekommen haben als die anderen. Auch wenn die Galley Duty anstrengend ist, kann man sie sich versüßen durch Musik und den Gedanken daran, nicht zu putzen und keine Watch machen zu müssen.

The Watch System

Datum: 17th Oktober 2019
Autor: Paul
Position: Bay of Biscay
Geographische Position: 43°36’N, 4°15’W
Etmal: 313 (total distance NM)

With calmer waters we are slowly getting into the daily routine on board the Pelican of London. Over the next few weeks you will probably read the word “watch” here in the daily reports. So here is a short explanation of what that is:

General watch system

We are devided into three watches; red, blue and white watch. Each watch has eight hours watch a day, split into two four hour blocks. The students of each watch are also split into two blocks (A & B). They do one of the two four hour watches a day, the second four hours they have lessons. The mentors as watch leaders have eight hours of watch a day. I am a mentor and I really look foreward to this system because then the mentors learn a lot about sailing and navigation. I am in the blue watch so I have watch from 4 to 8 o’clock. Red watch is from 8 to 12 o’ clock, followed by white watch from 12 to 4 o’clock. 

The first two weeks

In the first two weeks we have a rotational watch system which means that we have seven watch times a day and the watches are rotating. That also means that the whole watch is on duty at the same time. So the bridge is a bit crowded and especially when two watches are on the bridge because of a handover it is a bit overcrowded.

Tasks to do on watch

On watch we have different duties. On anchor watches we have to check our position on the radar every 15 minutes. We also have to check several parameters, such as air pressure and wind speed. On normal watches we have three positions: the helm on which you steer the vessel and the port and starboard lookout. Every half hour we also have to do a log book entry with positioning, wind speed and direction, air pressure, temperature, clouds, waves and all these things.

P.S. Until now we have still had no toilet blockage.