Ocean College

Reiseblog 18/19

Day 100

Date: 20.1.2019
Author: Lizzy
Position: Jacó, Costa Rica

Dear readers,
The night we spent sleeping in tents was more or less comfortable: Not as cold as in Coronado, but definitely not as comfortable as in our host families. So we walked with mixed feelings to the main house of the camping site to have desayuno (breakfast).

Already most of the others were waiting there for breakfast to be served. While waiting we talked about the night – the best description was Theresa’s: “When I woke up at 4am to go on toilet, I thought it was already 6am, because so many people were here. Felix was in the hammock, Marlen came from the other side…”.

But after the breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausages, toast, papaya, pineapple and – who could have guessed it – rice, everybody was motivated again and ready to take down our tents. Very quickly everything was back in the bags. For us it took a little longer because our semi-professionally repaired tent with duck tape needed a bit longer to be taken down.

Afterwards most of us used the time to jump one last time into the pool. What a nice feeling to wash the salt and sand of yesterday away (the outdoor shower with its blue and orange plastic-curtains was not really effective!).

After another group-photo, our trip to the beach started… sun, waves and reading under palm trees… What a pity that our trip just lasted two days!
After two and a half hours we already went back to Coronado by bus. Dirty and tired, but also happy, we got on the bus (I feel very sorry for the bus driver, who has to clean the bus of sand and salt).

During the bus ride I started writing in my diary and realised in that moment that today is day 100. 100 days, in which we visited 8 countries, 19 places, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, were on 16 beaches and surfed now on the Pacific Ocean.

Our 299th meal we ate at a restaurant next to the street. We came out of the bus in a single line and got a sticker that was printed in capital letters with “LUNCH” (nobody knows why?!).

Now we are happy to be back at our host grandma and enjoying our real shower.

After that we will walk to the sister of our host grandma.
At 10:30 there should be a total lunar eclipse, but we‘re surely too tired.
So good night…

Endlich wieder am Meer & für viele das erste Mal Surfen

Datum: 19.1.2019
Autor: Nick
Position: Jacó, Costa Rica

Nach 18 Tagen an Land endlich wieder mit dem Meer vereint!

Heute Morgen sind wir von der Sprachschule aus zur Surfschule Vista Guapa aufgebrochen, in der wir das Wochenende verbringen. Auf dem Weg dorthin haben wir noch einen Zwischenstopp vor einer Brücke eingelegt, von der man eine gute Sicht auf Dutzende Alligatoren hatte, die sich unter uns im Wasser und an Land sonnten. Bei der Surfschule angekommen, ging es nach dem Zeltaufbau und einem schnellen Mittagessen direkt ans Meer, wo unsere Surflehrer schon auf uns warteten.

Nach ein paar Trockenübungen konnte die erste Hälfte von uns loslegen. Mit Hilfe der Surflehrer gelang es fast jedem schon nach kurzer Zeit, auf dem Brett zu stehen.

Als die Surfzeit abgelaufen war, meiner Meinung nach viel zu schnell, hätten die meisten am liebsten noch den ganzen Tag weitergeübt. Als Abschluss des Tages durften wir einen wunderschönen Sonnenuntergang am Strand genießen. Die orangerote Sonne spiegelte sich im Meer und dem nassen Sand und warf den ganzen Strand in ein goldenes Licht, das immer röter wurde, bis es schließlich, lang nach dem die Sonne schon untergegangen war, erlosch.

Zurück beim Surfcamp gab es eine kleine Grillparty am Pool, bei der nochmal ausgiebig gebadet und gegessen wurde.

Im Laufe des Abends bekamen wir außerdem noch Besuch von einer Fotografin, die während des Surfens Bilder von uns gemacht hatte.
Die Bilder konnten wir als Gruppe für einen guten Preis kaufen. Ihr könnt euch also schonmal auf die Fotos freuen!

Just in case you didn’t notice: Food is important

Date: 18.1.2019
Author: Ronja
Position: Coronado, Costa Rica

Ahoy! Warning: If you’re reading this hungrily: Better get yourself something to eat first, as this is going to be quite a food-oriented report 😉

The eating started “early” (really strange, how often my perception of that word changed during the last three months, always depending on watch and weekly program!) with French toasts – fried toasts, formerly being soaked in a milk-egg-sugar-vanila mixture. Absolutely delicious, especially with costarican honey and bananas!

After some hours of Spanish course, lunch consisting of sandwiches and intense planning of the upcoming trade game (looking forward, if it all turns out as wanted!) with Peer and the rest of the economics pathway crew, we had a “Costa Rica fruit class”.

This consisted of tasting, naming and describing exotic fruits – in Spanish of course! El tamarindo es una fruta de color marrón, textura suave y sabor muy dulce. I got to know quite a lot of new fruits! Afterwards we had a whole fruit-buffet with all my favourites: Watermelon and pineapple and banana and above all: Mango!!!

As if this was not enough, the relaxed day ended with a movie, supported with popcorn and pizza. We watched the new adaptation of all-time classic Jungle Book, called “Mowgli”. And even though I didn’t like the movie that much, as I missed the happy Disney singing and found the animations rather unaesthetic, I think all participants go to bed very grateful today 🙂

Anyway just to make you envy us a bit more: I’ll end my day with packing for a weekend of surf’n’beach – Jacó, we’re coming!!