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Chapter 2 from galley duty: Of eggs over eggs to eggs…

Date: 18.11.2018

Author: Lizzy

Position: Atlantic Ocean between Canary Islands and Cap Verdes

Geographical Position: 25°56.8, N 17°22.5 W

Etmal: 119 NM (total: 2127 NM)

Hello for asecond time from the galley!

30 days have passed since my last daily report and during that time I have had two more times galley duty. Has anything changed, you probably want to know?

This question, I can simply answer with a clear no. Galley duty is still a hard job, although most of the pupils say, that it is the most exiting thing on the ship on some days.

Actually, this is right, there are a lot of advantages (especially on Sunday Funday): You have no nightwatch, means you can sleep through the complete night, you do not have to clean the heads (= toilets), that is awesome because of the deep clean on Sundays, and the teachers clean the dishes after dinner…

But what is Sunday Funday actually?

Every day at one pm we have happy hour, which basically means, that the lower part of the ship, heads and showers, is to be cleaned by one watch. The difference toSunday Funday is that every watch has to clean something on the ship.

One watch is responsible for the loo, one is responsible for the mess room and one for the deck. You can probably imagine what sucks the most… But that is not all. Sunday Funday is not called funday for no reason. On Sunday there is no school, we are allowed to go in the saloon and watch a movie and every Sunday happens something enormous, impressive and crazy spectacular.

For example, today we had an egg drop. The rules were easy: Every watch got an egg, which has to drop of the first platform of the main mast (nearly 15 metres high).
Points were given for design, creativity and for an unbroken egg after the drop. In the end, just one egg landed actually on the poop deck. Due to the wind it was nearly impossible to throw it on the weather deck. Although not everything worked out the way it was planned, but Sunday Funday is just there to have fun in the group and not to do everything perfect… except for cleaning.

PS: Fabian: Lieber Nils, alles alles Gute zu deinemGeburtstag!! Ich hoffe du hast schön gefeiert. Du bist der beste Bruder den ich mir vorstellen kann!

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