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Controlling the weather

Date: 04.04.2019
Author: Marcel
Position: North Atlantic
Nautical Position: 39° 43.9 N 29°21.4 W
Etmal:  11805nm

This daily report is from the weather control station where I have been working now for almost 6 months.

Today, when I woke up for breakfast I noticed that something was wrong. I heard a lot of noise going on outside but first I wanted to finish my breakfast.

Ten minutes to eight I was ready for work and went to the office. At work, my colleagues and I are responsible for the weather systems of the North Atlantic.

My first task today was the log book so at half past eight I collected all the general information about the systems and wrote them down. All in all, I saw that we increased the wind power by lowering the pressure to 996hPa.

At that moment the system was heading eastwards to Europe. For me it is also important to keep an eye on other weather systems such that they don’t collide with each other and cause a complete chaos.

Also the coordinator had to keep the course of the systems perfectly such that they don’t hit one another. Anyhow, we were allowed to listen to some music and all in all it was a very nice time at work.

But then a call from the ship control station came in. They told us that a sailing vessel called „Pelican of London“ is in danger to hit one of the more dangerous systems. So the vessel already decided to keep clear of this system because of seven metre waves and strong winds.

They asked us to at least keep the current course and to not create even stronger winds so that the ship has a chance to arrive on time on the 13th of April in Boulogne.

So basically we try to send it with 10 knots to the east and let it loose some of the energy by increasing the pressure to 1006hPa.

We will probably go then south to create a little gap north of the Azores between the systems to give that sailing vessel the opportunity to go finally east, back to Europe and their homes.  

As you may noticed it is not easy to handle weather systems over the North Atlantic but hopefully the system we are responsible for won’t hit small sailing vessels because that wouldn’t be very pleasant for them.

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