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Crocodiles, Volunteering and Surfing in the Sunset

Datum: 29.01.2023
Author: Jonathan
Position: Jacó
Geografische Position: Pazifikküste
Schiff: Regina Maris

Crocodile Tour

Today we went on a crocodile safari. We started out with a bus drive to the river Tarcoles. There, we went into our boat and started the safari. There were tons of crocodiles. The crocodiles were really big and our tour guide told us a lot about the ecosystem of the river. We also saw some birds, lizards and monkeys. At the end of the tour, we visited the mangrove forest along the river. The small crocodiles hide there from the birds.

Beach Cleanup

The river Tarcoles comes from the province of San José. Most of the trash from San José gets thrown into the river. The boat dropped us off at the mouth to the Pacific Ocean. The beach there was very polluted. We got our bags and started picking up the trash. There were very many plastic bottles, bags and car tires. In total, we picked up 461kg of plastic. Instead of landing in the Pacific Ocean, the trash will now get recycled. After the cleanup, we got lunch and drove back to the Hotel.

Free afternoon

Since the beach cleanup was very intense, many of us needed to rest in the afternoon. Phillip, Fritz and I went surfing. Since our surfing skills improved a lot in the last week, we were able to go out in the water without an instructor and we had a great time surfing in the sunset. On our way back, we saw some other groups that were walking around in the city and enjoying their free time.

The plague is expanding

We already had quite some cases of people vomitting with diarrhea. Today, the number of people increased a lot. We have to be very strict about the hygiene rules and keep distance from the people who are infected. The situation is difficult, but we try to make the most of it. Like always.

Quote of the day: „Wie viel Kilo sind eine Tonne?” Amelie

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