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Cuba Cycling Part 3

Date: 16th of February 2020
Author: Paul
Position: Kuba, Las Terrazas
Etmal: 0

The third and last day of our cycling tour through Cuba started with a 30 min. late breakfast which led to an unpleasent mood in the group because food is very important on this voyage- as you probably noticed from other daily reports.

The cycling started right at the camping site and so far was the hardest trip. The first two hours were only hills. A lot of us had enough from that but Alien, our guide, just said “it’s not much left”. On on point we realised that his talking was more like a motivation than anything near the truth but it worked, most of us kept cycling.

The last big hill was a 1.5km long and pretty steep cycle. Most of the group walked parts of that but about a quarter of us kept cycling, eventhough we did not really have any possibility to do sports during the last four months. The rest of it was just rolling down the hill and into another camping site where we stored our bikes in the bus and visited a botanical garden.

That was pretty exciting but we finished quickly. After that we got lunch at a restaurant. It seems to be common in Cuba that in every restaurant or bar there is a band playing latin music but we really liked that every time we come into another restaurant again.

After that we walked some stairs down a little hill and visited a waterfall. That was not that much exciting but probably we all were a little bit tired and had already seen so much during the last four months that it is hard to really impress us. The end of the day and the end of our cycling tour there was a bus tour back to the camping site with a little stop at a local cafe.

We really enjoyed the three days doing at least a little bit of sports and to experience Cuba on the bycicle.

Ps: Azi!!! Alles, alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Ich hab dich unfassbar lieb und ich vermiss dich. Feier schön. Gin, gin! 😉

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