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Gruppe der Jugendlichen mit Fahrrädern in Kuba

Cuban Wildlife

Datum: 15.02.2019
Autor: Helena
Position: Cuba
Geographical Position: 22° 07,6 N, 80° 27,4 W
Etmal: 7634 nm

Señora Gonzales, dog, 12 years old:
I was lying on that soft and dry towel, which the boy left in the grass next to his tent (applause to Nick), but a minute later the teacher from the whole group shook every tent and said: „Aufwachen! Aufwachen! Frühstück.“ I just thought, „Holy s***, its 6:30 o‘clock! Please give me my beauty sleep!“

Señora Catstro, cat, 4 years old:
Jey, after the big group of teens started packing their stuff, at 7:00 o‘clock they walked to the restaurant to have breakfast. That was my chance, so I started playing with the legs of Lauryn and Poldi again, because I had the feeling, they liked me a lot last evening. I always heard them saying very kindly: „Mann, die scheiß Katze nervt so. Macht die doch mal da weg vom Tisch!“ Too bad, they soon left to finish packing their stuff.

Señora Tarantula, spider, 80 years old:
Early in the morning the girls came to the bathroom again. Because they already had given up brushing their hair and using make up or stuff like that, they where really quick with everything. But the only problem they had to solve took them a lot of time. The flush didn’t work, so they needed to fill up a bucket and flush with it.
Anyways, it was quite funny to observe them from my corner.

Señor Alfredo, dog, 4 years old:
The small stones under our paws made it difficult to run, when me and my two best friends messed around at the parking lot. A few minutes later, we made a break to watch the guys trying out their bikes and fitting their sexy helmets. Actually I was surprised how fast everybody prepared their biking equipment and put their backpack in the bus so they where ready to leave. We accompanied them during their first exciting minutes on the bikes, until they stopped the first time. After the first break they had to stop every 5 minutes. First they had to fix Basti‘s broken chain, then they filled up the water bottles a few times, after that they had to put air in Fabi‘s tire again and from time to time they also had to wait for the slower ones.

Señor Markus, Bird, 24 years old:
When I made my chilling-in-the-wind-flight around the street, I was confused by this long row of bikers. Like ants they moved forwards in a chain and every 5 meters they jumped because of holes in the street. I think most of them had some pain because of their saddle, but the fun in their faces dominated.

Señor y Señorita Despacito, Horses, 32/34 years old:
Today wasn‘t a good day. First 36 bikers overtook us on the street, when we where carrying the wagon with our human friend Juan sitting on it. He was wearing his sombrero and smoking his cigar, when additional a bus overtook us, too. But a few minutes later, we met them again, when they where changing from the bikes to the bus. One teacher explained: „Nehmt eure Helme und Flaschen mit in den Bus! Wir fahren jetzt zum Mittagessen.“
And really, they put all the bikes into the bus and drove away, while we had to carry the straw. Lucky people!

Señor Ermano, Crocodile, 99 years old:
Relaxing in the sunlight, showing off for the kids from this village, relaxing in the moonlight – that’s my routine.
But today a group of Germans came to the project of Mario. A great man! Because the village has only about 7600 inhabitants and is not that rich, it doesn’t have a cinema, a library or a culture house. So Mario founded his project. Now everybody can visit his garden to create things and learn a lot about arts and culture. And they use it a lot! Many kids come here directly after school every day.
After this group of Germans had their lunch, which already smelled incredibly tasty and was funny to watch, cause some guys called Peer, Marcel and Christian made some music with a man (really confident and it sounded great), they walked around and saw a lot of the garden, except me, actually. And even though it wasn’t my intention some of them discovered me in my cage and were kind of fascinated… funny, huh? Maybe I‘ll get the leftovers of their lunch?

Señor Guevara, bat, 5 years old:
Today, when I was sleeping in my cave, I was woken up by a group of Germans, who visited my home. I think it’s because of this man my name is derived from. Che Guevara, which was a famous Cuban rebel, lived for about a month in this cave to be safe and to command his troops during the missile crisis (that was in 1962, my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents passed on the story). The kids seemed really interested – and I guess, they also enjoyed the cool climate in my cave.

Señorita Philippa, Ant, 3 months old:
I was carrying a big peace of leaf, when suddenly the ground started vibrating and a big black shadow moved towards me. I was a little scared, when I realized that a big group of bikers was passing by my working place. It seemed to be hard for them to get to the top of the hill, because all of them where really sweaty and one girl had even a head like a tomato (note from the author: yup, that’s me), but I was impressed how fast they where! When I saw them starting their descent on the other side they had a lot of fun jumping, sliding and enjoying the speed downhill (I’m sorry for the guys who took the bus instead of the bikes). Have fun and see you in two weeks, when I arrive there, too!

Señor Kapfus, Fish, 7 years old:
Late in the evening, it was already dark, many teens arrived with their teachers to sleep at our camping place. Because they seemed to be very hungry, they went to have dinner immediately. After they enjoyed their dinner and funny conversations at the tables, they hurried up to set up their tents for the night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch them at their camping site from my small river pool underneath the waterfalls, but I think they tried to go to bed as early as possible. At least it became quiet really fast. So I tried to get my sleep, too. Good night 🙂

PS. Halli hallo Familie und Freunde Zuhause. Ich hab heute erst über euch geredet und freu mich super auf euch!
Besondere Grüße an Anna, der ich unbedingt in einem Tagesbericht nachträglich zum Geburtstag gratulieren wollte und an meinem lieben Opa Horst. Ich denk ganz viel an dich und schick dir alle meine guten Gedanken und freue mich dich bald besuchen zu können.
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