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Daily report in three parts

Date: 06.12.2018
Author: Niklas 
Position: In the galley
Nautical Position: 14° 18,729 N 54° 31,606 W
Etmal: 175 Nm (total 4600 Nm)

Pt. One: A recipe for a successful Atlantic crossing

Because I had Galley duty today and I cooked a lot by recipe, I created one for an atlantic crossing. So here’s how it’s done:

You will need 25 students, five mentors, three teachers, one marine scientist, one doctor, one engineer, one cook and six sailing experts. After you put all the ingredients together on a sailing ship, you need to put it into the Atlantic Ocean.

The ingredients need to be mixed well, all you need for that are some good waves to shake it up. But watch out: when the waves are too big, some of the ingredients might lose some liquid, try to avoid that! The result could be quite dry. Then it will need even more mixing with the help of a Mid Atlantic dancing ball.

At this time you should have a nice dough. To prevent intimate relationships, the cook always puts lots of garlic and onions in to the food. And if you want to make it a happy meal, you need to add some fun. To do that, nothing more is needed then a boat race.

It is important to give the dough enough rest, maybe you want to put it into the fridge. After eight hours of rest, it needs to get backed in the sun. Slowly it will turn brown… if you are not careful enough it might also turn red. You don’t want that! Since all the ingredients add their unique flavor to the meal, we are sure, you’ll love it! Bon Appetit! 

Pt. Two: The boat race

Every day after the daily meeting at one o’clock a representative from each watch and one from the permanent crew needs to pull a model boat possibly fast over the deck. The four competitors are standing next to each other behind the starting line with a roll of faden in their hands. Eight meters in front of each representative is standing a nice decorated model boat.

Once Ben gives the starting sign, all four have to run to their boat and tie the string to their boat. Then they run back behind the starting line, on the way back then unroll the string. Back on their starting positions they need to roll the string back up as fast as they can. The first boat wich crosses the starting line wins! And the winning team chooses the theme for the next race on the next day.

Pt. Three: I SAW IT!!!

As my day in the galley came to an end and the sun was about to set, Abbie and I went outside to watch the sunset. We had a conversation about the math to the green flash and if it was real and if we might be able to nose one today. We are in the middle of the Atlantic and the horizon was free of clouds, these were the perfect conditions to see one. As the sun was just about to disappear behind the horizon we watched it full of hope.

There was only a tiny little bit of the sun to see before it went down completely. Finally it disappeared. The sun went down-without a green flash… Abbie looked away but I continued looking at the horizon for a moment. Suddenly there came a big wave and lifted the ship up. For a moment I was able to see a small part of the sun again and I couldn’t believe – that what I saw was green!!!

PS: Fabian. Liebe Oma, alles Gute zu deinem Geburtstag! Ich hoffe, du hast den Tag genossen. 

P.P.S.: Yesterday was Nils’ turn. There were two happy kids receiving something from Saint Nikolaus today. Do you know who they are? “He can filet fish with the precision of a surgeon and the patience of a dentist. He brushes his teeth 20 min a day to keep his teeth as clean as they are. He is always a helping hand and a great roommate.

She is a great and talented dancer. Her flexibility left so many of us breathless. Her never-ending optimism and her night watch sessions of „Laurenzia“ have enriched a lot of night watches. She was a great partner at the ball and I enjoyed dancing with her.”

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