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Day 2 on the Pelican

Date: 31/07/2022
Authors: Benjamin W and Harry S
Position: 53°17.865`N 6°06.913´W
Etmal: ?

Ships Routine

At 07:05 a.m. Simon used the tannoy system to wake us all up for breakfast and at 7:15 a.m. we met in the messhall to eat breakfast. At 8:00 a.m. we had a safety breifing and went for a safety tour of the ship with Simon and then we went to the poop deck with Matt and we had a go on the helm and spinning the wheel.

Afterwards we went on to the well deck and practiced how to tie the lines down to the bellaying pins. We then went for lunch which was jacket potato with beans and cheese and then we all equipped our safety harnesses and one by one we went aloft in the main mast just practicing climbing up the rigging and back down again then weh ad shore leave at 14:00.

Shore Leave

We went to the city center of Dublin independently in small groups and went on shoreleave. We bought a lot of sweets from sweet shops in the city center. Everything was very expensive (Joshes bank account was drained because Harry was hungry).

Our German friends came with us on shoreleave and tried to teach us some german. We didn’t understand a word they said half the time but we are slowly picking it up along the way.

Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland (CC) Brücke Unter Dem Blauen Himmel

Back on the ship

Everyone returned to the ship by 17:00 p.m. for dinner, which was a nice peppered chicken with rice and mushroom sauce and after that we left the quayside and set off to our anchorge at scotsmans bay and we starightened one of the crossbars on the mast and kept on sailing.

We then had a fire drill where we assembled on the poop deck and the proffesional crew gathered the fire equipment and ´fought the fire´.

Mizzen Watch then completed the climbing practice and we all got some downtime where me and some other members of the crew taught us some german again.

Finally, we got into the normal routine and several groups had to do the anchor watch at night and track all the important data such as the wind direction, the current position, the wind speed et cetera. All in all it was an eventfull, exciting and beautiful day.

inside the Pelican of London

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