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Dear Diary…

Date: 8th of Dezember 2022
Author: Sophie
Position: South Atlantic
Nautical Position: 15°01.7’N/035°51.5’W
Etmal: 1446 NM
Ship: Pelican of London

… my day started with a very warm zero to four watch. It’s one of my favourite watches here on board, because you are allowed to eat breakfast after it, so you don’t have to stand up at 7am and can sleep until 11am, when the cabin rounds start. During the last few watches our watchleader changed. Every watch there is another student who takes over the position. I already did it a few days ago and it’s a great experience. Beside the fact that you can decide who has to do something, you learn much about having responsibility here on board. It’s very funny when you put the normal watchleader on the lookout for a few hours (because he/she normally doesn’t have to do this job) and he/she begins to complain about it but can’t do anything because you have the power.

Music on Watch

We have been allowed to listen to music during the watch for a few days now, what makes it way more comfortable, and it helps to stay awake. Every officer has his/her own rules for listening to music on watch. For example, First Mate Simon allows only one Disney, one ABBA and one Christmas Song each watch and no German rap at all. Luckily, I have Second Mate Tamsin as officer, because she allows nearly everything. She just has the rule that everyone is allowed to skip a song. So last watch we heard German and English children’s music, German rap, music from Tamsin and a few classics. At the end of the watch, I had the honour to steer through a waypoint. A waypoint is a point on the “navigation system”, where someone marked something important such as a change in course. In my case it was just a reminder to steer completely to the west now, and not to south-west like before. I know it’s nothing important, but because I steered three hours this day it was like I won a price.

How to save Lives

In school we had an interesting presentation held by Doctor Ryan. He gave us the situation that someone has fallen of a bike and we are the arriving paramedics. We recognize that the patient hasn’t enough oxygen in his blood. Our exercise was to collect all the possible injuries the patient could have. Later, Ryan told us what paramedics could do in such situations.
Luckily, there was some wind today and we had the chance to put the sails out again. Now we are straight on our way to Antigua, where we hopefully arrive soon.

P.S.: I wish my family a great Christmastime, I love you!
Hanna: Greetings to my family. Thank you so much for the letter and the stars.
Elizabeth: I grüße my family, especially to my dog!

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