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Dear diary…

Date: 25th of March 2022
Author: Yarina
Position: Atlantic / Englishchannel
Geographical Position: 4937.1’N00510.7’W
Etmal: 128 nm insgesamt 14197nm

Actually I want to write my last daily report about my experience during Ocean College, but I think this is what a lot of people has done already. That’s why I write about a not so boring day at sea. Tomorrow we will arrive in Dartmouth, wow, how fast the time has gone by. More or less exactly six month ago we were in Dartmouth. It was the beginning and everything was new and exciting.

Because this is my last daily report I want to write it as it’s my diary.

Today I got woken up from May at 07:00 for breakfast and the watch I had afterwards. But I was so tired from the last watch (20-24) that I fell asleep again. Actually I want to eat breakfast, because Daisy made porrige for us. I really want to just sleep for ten more minutes, but at the end I slept for another half an hour. Luckily May came and woke me up again. Otherwise I would have been late for watch.The watch started with a crazy fisherboat that was driving towards us. After the first shock it luckily changed course and everthing was under control again. During my „Standby“ I wrote some letters for the other students. Paula and Alina joined me. At 10:30 Janice, our Bosuns Mate, threw bob/thomas/ a fender over board. For the handoverteam it was a practice for a MOB (man over board) situation. Julian was our Captain, Clara was our 1st Mate and Leon was our 2nd Mate who took over the bridge. Helene had to put on a teletubby suit (immersion suit) and she looked like a ballon.

Maria had to climb up to the course plattform to point at bob/thomas. During that Jonathan pepared the first aid kit for when the casulty is rescued out of the water. After Dana fished the fender out of the water Lolo (Lorenz) took over the role as casualty. Jonathan tried to help Lolo and while he was doing that everyone else prepared the poopdeck for the arrival of an imaginary helicopter. We started Mike (autopilot) and we sheeted out the spankerboom. After everthing was prepared we brought Lolo up to the poopdeck. After Lolo was on the poopdeck the drill was over. My Watch cleaned all the stuff that was lying around and the handoverteam had a feedback talk on the bridge. For Lunch, Daisy cooked us some pancake´s and we got to eat it with nutella. It was very delicious. In the afternooon I went to bed to catch up on some sleep. After I woke up again, May, Max and I took our harnesses and some snacks and went to the bikinideck. After we settled in we saw many dolphins jumping out of the water. We also saw some babydolphins which were very cute. After our fingers were too cold we went down. In the messroom it was not as warm as expected. In the evening Ariadni and I prepared the birthday present for Connor. Afterwards we had watch again. During the watch it was very cold, but the clear night sky was so nice so it was not so bad. At 00:00 we sang happy birthday for Connor. Afterwards I went to bed.

This was now my late daily report and I hope you liked it.

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