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Dear Santa

Datum: 23.12.2018
Autor: Marcel
Position: Ankunft Curaçao
Geographische Position: 12.06,5N, 68.56,0W
Etmal: 95 NM (5884 NM)

Dear Santa, today was a very special day because there was just one day left until Christmas. Although we gave our best to create a christmas atmosphere, it wasn‘t the same feeling as at home.
The day began with our red watch. The colour of our watch already reminded me of christmas.

During the watch we had lots of rain showers which is very similar to the weather in Berlin. Except that, the temperature is much higher here. We also had to set and hand many sails, so at least it wasn‘t a boring watch. It was also the first time where I sailed at this time of the year.

But the day wasn‘t only special because of that. It got even more unique when we arrived in Curacao. The first thing we had to do was a harbour stow and deep clean of the ship (actually we already did the cleaning in front of the island at sea). So basically, we prepared the Pelican for christmas. For the harbour stow we had to go aloft in the yards to put the sails in a nice and neat package. So instead of packing presents we did the same with sails.

During our stay aloft on the yards, the migration officers arrived to compare our faces with the images on our passports. So they called out our names and we waved at them and they looked up to us from the bottom while we were up in the yards and sometimes they barely could see our faces.

But in the end they were happy and we were allowed to go ashore after dinner. At land we visited kind of a christmas market but it was very different to one in Germany. Because it was very colourful and childish with lots of those „air castles“ for children and other games.

All in all, we had a very special day on a very special voyage. So although I really would like to be at home right now with my family to celebrate christmas, I love to be here with my second family and celebrate christmas in this different way.

PS: Fabian: Liebe Oma, ich wünsche dir einen schönen Geburtstag! Genieße den Tag und lasse dich feiern. Hab dich lieb🤗

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