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Dolphins and an Iceberg

Date: 08. October 2021
Authors: Leni and Paula
Position: English Channel
Geographical Position: 50°42.7’N, 000°43.6’E
Etmal: 190NM (total: 567 NM)

Tonight there was a beautiful sky with lots of stars and many shooting stars. During our watch we had late night talks with second mate Matt and he told us how to eat scones correctly:

  1. Get a traditional English scone
  2. Cut your scone in half
  3. Put jam on the lower half
  4. Then a big scoop of Cream
  5. Put the upper half of the scone on top of it
  6. Spread the cream by pressing the halves together
  7. Enjoy your scone
    Bonus: If anyone tells you that this is incorrect, call them a “Silly Sausage”.

Later that day an important Crewmember saved us from being Titanic 2.0. When we sailed alongside Dover there were icebergs all of a sudden but due to a proper lookout (H.) we were able to avoid them. Do you want to know how it is possible to see icebergs on the coast of South England? In reality that was the famous white Dover Cliffs.

Shortly after that there was a loud shout: “Dolphins, Dolphins, Dolphins on starboard side!” Everybody immediately stopped doing what they had been doing and came to the Foc’sle to look at the Dolphins. They were jumping out of the water in front of the Pelican and stayed there for minutes. It was amazing and for many of us it was the first time seeing dolphins.

Dolphin in the water

In the afternoon the weather was beautiful and we could chill on the deck only wearing T-Shirts. Some of us even got sunburned. The wind was perfect as well so we were able to set nearly all of our sails and turn off the engine for the first time. The following sunset was stunning and the crew played some music with the guitar and the violin.

Paula grüßt Hanni, Lenny, Benni und Nüsschen 🙂
Leni grüßt Thea und Vitus 🙂

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