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Early surfing

Datum: 27.01.2023
Author: Fritz
Position: Jacó, Costa Rica
Ship: Regina Maris

My day startet at 05:00 with the ring of my alarm clock. We had to get up early because we had to do a surfing lesson. I think the surfing went very good for all of us. We improved our surfing skills a lot.
People who were surfing for their first time were already catching some beautiful waves, that was really nice to see. After the surfing lesson we got surprised with some delicious Breakfast at the beach.
We were all very happy about this. So far a very nice morning.

Some Spanish class

After the lunch we immediately went to our Spanish class.It was a pretty normal afternoon class. Expect for one thing: We had to write a speech about our experience and all the things we learned in this Spanish class. But we head lot of freedom with the creating of the speech, so me made it very funny.
We’re going to present it tomorrow with our last Spanish class.

A Ruin

The original plan for the afternoon program was a hike to a city near by. But not so much people really wanted to do this. So Johannes, Mia, Marlene and I decided to just make our own hike. After a quick walk through the Jungle we found a paved way, so we divided to just take it and it was absolutely with it. The path led to a strange place. We don’t know if this structure was originally supposed to be a house ore a viewing point. But it was a very beautiful place. We explored the structure a bit, took pictures from the sunset and just enjoyed the indescribable vibe of this place.

After this we went home very quick for dinner. It was as always very nice. We had Tacos. I think the food is getting better with every day.

I think the result of the day is, to just keep exploring.


Hallo, in diesem Tagesbericht grüße ich meine Eltern, Valentin, Edgar, Tom, Oma Antke, Opa Rudi und Oma Liesel. Ich vermisse euch alle sehr doll. Freue mich, euch in den nächsten Monaten wieder zu sehen.

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