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Exploring Lisbon

Date: 25.10.2021
Authors: Leon & Lukas
Position: Lisbon
Geographical Position: 38°42.085’N, 009°09.620’W
Etmal: 0NM (insgesamt 1731NM)

Today we had a whole day in Lisbon.

After the breakfast the new Captain introduced himself properly in the morning meeting. Now our Captain is Chris and he will stay with us until we crossed the Atlantic.

Then we went off at 09:30 and everyone got a ticket from Kristina for the public transport in Lisbon, which we could use the whole day in the train, bus and tram, which is typical for this city.

At first we went together to a natas factory. We all got one and then a debate started which natas tasted better. The ones from today or the natas from yesterday. Regarding the opinion from the writers, the second ones were better.

Then we all walked together to the tower of Belem. There was a violin player that made the moment much more nice and enjoyable.

After that we split up into groups. Most of the groups took a bus or a train to get in the centre of the city. Some of us struggled a little bit to find a train station, but in the end it all worked out and we enjoyed the 30 min in the bus, because there was free Wifi.

Then everybody did different things. After we arrived in the city some went shopping in the different shops there and we also found a bookshop that had english books.

Also we always looked out for Aizudre, because we had a photochallange to find the best Aizudre (typically Portuguese tiles).

The problem in the end was not to find some, but to decide which photo you want to hand in. There are so many different and beautiful ones. We found really big ones all over one house or wall or really small ones. But they were all really colourful. We even found one with a sailing Ship on it.

Aizudre in Lisbon

But to get back to our day in Lisbon. For lunch we all ate in some restaurants for example pizza. Then we all discovered the city more. You could drive with the tram through all districts of the city, which some of us did. Some also went to the beach we were yesterday but it was much colder.

And some of us searched all the afternoon for a poker suitcase, just to find out in the last store that poker is illegal in Portugal.

At 20:00 we all needed to be back on the ship and it was a very chilled and at the same time excited mood on the ship, because everybody was excited to tell the others wat they did the whole day, but also everybody was also very tired and just happy because we had such a nice day.

In the evening we also had a poker round, with the old chips, because the group that should have bought a new poker suitcase, didn’t buy one, because of the mentioned reason (;. In the end the day was really exciting for everybody and a good opportunity for everybody to explore the city on their own and do the things we wanted.

Also everybody enjoyed to be longer ashore as usual.

I think it was more challenging, because you’re just on your own but you are for example very proud if you figure out yourself, how the system of the underground train works. That was a great feeling for all of us and we really had a good day.

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