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Feedback and last daily report

Author: Marie
Date: 28.03.2021
Lat: 48° 45.7’ N
Long: 09° 41.9’ W
Position: close to the English coast
etmal 24h: 149nm
Total run: 13598nm
Avg speed: 6.2 kn
To go: 259.5nm
Hello and welcome to my last daily report. At the moment I am sitting in my cabin and eating some oranges with people who also like oranges.

Feedback talk

Today I had my feedback talk. It was during my watch with all teachers Priska, Sven and Nikolas. I went into the cabin to them and I was looking forward to it. We all sat on the floor except from Nicolas. He was laying in his bunk, because there was no more space on the floor. I was relaxed. The only thing I was worried about before, was the recording of the interview for my parents. But in the moment when I was sitting in the teachers cabin, I wasn’t worried about it anymore. I keep no secrets from my parents, so what is there to worry about?

Nicolas, our project leader, started with some questions. The first question was a little bit weird because he asked me, were we are. I answered: in the teachers cabin on the North Atlantic. We are not far away from the English coast,  around about 450 nautical miles. 

We talked about my personal development during the journey. The interview took only 15 minutes. I was a little bit sad, because it was so short, but it was a good self reflection. I liked it. I talked with my cabin mates Viktoria and Mia. They also liked the feedback very much.

Mia said: You could tell, that the teachers thought about every single person and made a very good reflection about yourself. You had the feeling, that they made some thoughts about you.

Viktoria said: It was very interesting to see, what the teachers think about you and a good self reflection.

Priska said: I really enjoy doing the feedback talks because it is great to exchange thoughts about how all the students grew throughout the journey. In general, I like telling people where I see their strengths.

Writing letters

Another thing I did today, was writing letters, which everyone will get after Ocean College. In the mess room we have envelopes on a small rope for everybody. We all are writing letters to the people that mean a lot to us. The names of all students, watch leaders, teachers and also the people from the permanent crew are all lined up.
I am trying to write as many letters as I can. I think it will be great to read the letters after Ocean College and to think back to the time we spend on the Pelican together as a family.
So that was my last daily report for this journey. I enjoyed this time on the Pelican with these amazing people who are friends now.
Greetings to my friends and my family, see you soon.

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