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Feeding of the lions

Date: 12.11.2018

Author: Rene

Position: Santa Cruz

Georaphical Position: 28º27,8 N 16º14.6 W

Etmal: 0 NM (total: 1964 NM)

My day began with a: „Rene! Get up, you are galley duty!

As I was late, all there was left to do was doing the dishes from breakfast with Nele and Nick. After preparing baked potatoes with cheese for lunch, we needed to buy food, snacks, and fruits for the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. 

At 10 am we where driving to the “Makro”market and saw very beautiful rainbows, that would not even be possible in Germany. After we arrived in that huge store, the four of us went around to gather all the food you need to feed the lions (that is very hungry teenagers) for three weeks: enormous amounts of vegetables and fruits, rice, pasta, mayonnaise and other sauces and of course canned food.

We had to stock up the tuck shop as well, and after five hours of shopping we had spent 100€ on sweets and snacks alone, and much more on the real food. We actually needed a small truck in order to get all the stuff back to the Pelican.

After we arrived at the ship, all the food had to be taken down to the dry store. We opened the hatch down to the corridor below deck where a bunch of the other students were already waiting, and passed them the food. All of them were very eager to help and fought about who was to catch the next piece. It was like feeding a pack of lions.

The rest of the day I spent in afternoon class and preparing dinner. In the evening we got our mobile phones and were allowed to go to the city. 

I did not go again because I had everything I need for the next leg of the trip. Moreover, I needed to do some work for my pathway presentation.

After finishing that, I called my parents and some friends because we won’t have many more opportunities to have our mobiles in Europe. When everybody was back at the ship, we had a meeting about our tour to the Teide and what we need to take with us. Apparently it is very cold up there – there may even be snow – so we need to bring many warm clothes on that adventure! 

Ps. Greeting to Elsa ~Rene 

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