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Finally leaving Dartmouth behind!

26th October 2022
Authors: Lara, Lea
Position: Dartmouth harbour
Nautical Position: 5°24‘07 N 003°34‘5 W
Etmal: 429,7 NM

The curse of Dartmouth is finally broken

After our Voyage Crew Meeting this morning we are all very happy to leave Dartmouth and continue our voyage in direction to the north of Spain.

More training
This morning after our daily clean we changed responsibilities and half of us had the workshop with Simon (1st Mate) and the others wanted to climb. At first, the wind was easy to handle but after some time it became harder and harder. That’s why only some monkeys were at the top of the mast and saw the mysterious item. While the second half of Simon‘s workshop started, those weren’t able to climb had the opportunity to get some Level 1 knowledge signed off.

Tall ship Pelican, taller ship Tenacious
Our last shore leave in Dartmouth started with a room-tour by our Captain Chris. He showed us the very tall, impressive ship “Tenacious” on which he had worked for 2 years and which anchored next to us until this afternoon. The “Tenacious” is also a ship with trainees on board but the trainees are between 16 and 94 years old. Currently, there are only seniors because in the UK all kids have school. The ship can host up to 44 trainees and has a permanent professional crew of 9 members. It is specialises on hosting disabled persons. For example, all around the ship there is special access for disabled people such as in wheelchairs. They have a speaking compass so even blind people can helm. We were also allowed to have a look into their TWO messrooms. Yes, you heard right, they have two messrooms and one even has a bar.

The last shore leave in Dartmouth
After this amazing ship tour we had our last shore leave. Some of us went into cafes to search for internet, others just went there to read a little bit in peace and quiet and to enjoy not having many people around. But nearly all of us went to the supermarket coop (they already know the crazy students from the tall ship in the harbour) and bought the last sweets in Dartmouth. Some of us had to stay longer ashore because the Pelican went from an anchor buoy to the jetty again to refill fresh water. We used this time to enjoy the last pizza in Dartmouth.

The relaxing is over!
Completely in time we left the harbour at 18:00, so from now on the ship’s motto is again: Eat when you can.
Sleep when you can. Work when you have to.

At the moment, the mizzen watch is already working and the others enjoy the leaving with sunset and delicious muffins made by Abby. But no one will stay up too long today because the watches start again. Until the north of Spain, fore watch is from 08:00-12:00, main watch is from 12:00-04:00 and mizzen from 04:00-08:00. At the moment, the plan is to go west until tomorrow morning. Then, we need to anchor again for 24 hours because of the weather. After this, we are going to Biskay but it is not sure if we make it to Vigo because next week the weather is getting worse again so we need to anchor in a safe harbour.

We will keep you updated!

Lara: Pozdravi a moja Dida, Tata, Joanna i Janek! Grüße auch an Mama, Oma, Opa, Dino und alle anderen!
Lea: Ich grüße Mama und Papa, schönen Urlaub euch und Opa und Moni hab euch vier lieb. Zusätzlich Grüße an meine Freunde.

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