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Finally there

Date: 29.12.2022
Author: Sarah
Position: Near to Curacao
Nautical position: 12° 08.844′ N 069° 00.072′ W
Etmal: 5138NM
Ship: Regina Maris

Morning motivation 😀

Today was a rather annoying morning. After an average breakfast the morning class was forced to write a maths test. It was way to easy though… or we’re just way to smart 😉 After that we had individual class where we could do whatever schoolwork we wanted. 
As soon as that was over, we all teamed up to start cleaning. I was in the group which was responsible for the messroom and I am very proud of how crispy clean we made that room. Our cabins got a deep clean too. We did all of the cleaning because it is possible that we get a health check when we arrive in Curaçao.

Land Ho! (again)

In the afternoon we were all really excited to arrive at our destination Curaçao. Eventually we did just that! As soon as we were fixed with our mooring lines next to a buoy, everyone put on their swim clothes and jumped into the blue warm water. We had so much fun swimming, diving and swinging from a line. Some of us even spotted some corals. For those who didn’t want to swim there was nice music playing and a free deck for dancing 🙂

Can this go well?…

For the Ocean College Meeting we were still expected to turn up, so we got out of the water. After the Meeting the crew and teachers left for the immigration, Justus is therefore our caretaker. You could now think can this go well? And actually it did go well: Justus showed his responsible side (which we didn’t know he had) and did a great job at not letting us die.

Pirates of the Carribbean

Because we are not underway anymore, we have our anchorwatch system for the night again. But the rules for that changed a bit: We have to be four persons on watch now, not three like before. Also we have to be on active lookout at all times.

Sarah: ich vermiss eu alli ganz fest, hüt vor allem mini Nanis & Ninis. 
Fueteret dehei z Chätzli immer gnueg! Hoffentlich henner Simons Party schu vorbereitet, sus würi mal ahfange.

Florian: Happy Birthday an so einen Freund von mir

Marietta an Familie: Wir hatten ein sehr cooles Atlantic Crossing und ich bin glücklich! Hab euch lieb!

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