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Fire, Fire, Fire

Author: Marco
Date: 17th of March 2020
Geografical Position: 36° 47,5° N 35° 23,2° W
Position: one and a half days to go till we arrive at the Azores
Average Speed: 6.9 Knots
Etmal: 165 nm(Total Log: 10551 nm) 

zwei Personen beim Fire-Drill auf dem schiff

My eyes are stinging from smoke. My lung refuses to take another hurting breath. The heat starts to melt the Plastic of my shoes.

Away, away, far away from this place! There, a metal waterthight door.

Oxygen! With a laud „BOOM“ the door shuts behind me. In a croaking voice I try to shout „Fire! In the Bosuns Store!“

I use my last available energy to press the emergency-fire button on the wall. The boat begins to live. Hundreds of steps are audible. People pick me up. Somebody takes care of me. 

„Captain to Commander weˋre making the fire hose ready!“, shouts a teenager’s voice in a radio. Following the order, five young people pull a red long elastic hose out of the edge of a wooden box.

Now everything happens fast.

Three pupils are cooling the surface of the hot room from outside with the fire pump, while two other teenagers are jumping into their fire suits, preparing  to go into the bright fire.

The watertight door, which keeps the mighty fire in the room behind her, is opened.

Very carefully, the fire team puts their feet in the hell of heat. The door falls shut because of the healing. That wasn’t planned. Whatˋs gonna happen with the poor guys in the room?

The door’s inside is so hot that they won‘t be able to open it again. They are imprisoned. A solution is needed. Fast. Now.

Unexpectedly, the metal door is pushed out of it’s closing mechanism and opens slowly. Ghosts?

No. Two happy and very healthy people are looking out. „The paper-trashcan-fire has been eleminated“, they both laugh. „Good. The fire drill is completed.

Coil the fire hose up and we’re finished“ says the young chief officer.Today we practiced how to deal with a fire on the ship. We were able do actions that the permanent crew would normally do, recognizing that it’s not as easy as you might think.

This way we can understand the crew’s actions better and kill a fire in a real emergency more effectively.    

PS: Liebe Grüße gehen raus an eine Familie, ich hab’ euch lieb und ruf euch bald an. Bella, mach’ dir keine Sorgen, mir geht’s sehr gut. ~Noé

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