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First day in Bermuda

Date: 18.02.2021
Author: Paul
Position: St. Georges, Bermuda
NM: 10426
First day in Bermuda
Today we were the whole day in port but we were not allowed to go ashore. I got woken up by the announcement, that we will have a meeting at 8 am. That was not the best morning in my life but hey, first morning in Bermuda. Around lunchtime, the people for the covid test arrived (our fifth now). It was nice as always (at least for me). Then we had lunch and a bit free time. But then the best part of the day came!

Paul am Steuer

A dream comes true
The teachers gave us our phones. First time since almost a whole month. It was a great feeling to listen to other music again, cause on my MP3-player there is not so much music. And after a bit of time I was ready to call my parents and only my parents, because some very smart people had a very good idea and thought: Oh why should it be cheap to make a call from here, let’s make it three euros per minute.

Janek, Paul und Lorn bei der Wache

So I called my parents. My mum ignored her phone as I called her, so I thought she may be working. But when I called my dad, she screamed in the microphone like two seconds after the call began. Scariest moment in my life! So then they told me that in the ten years since I live in Berlin it  snowed like three times and then it was like 2 cm high but in the one year I’m away from home, god had the great idea to let it snow until we had over 10 cm snow. That may sound not so much when you have every year 2m of snow but for me as a Berliner that’s a lot. Also it had minus 15 degrees Celsius for the whole time and that’s very very very cold. While we had over 30 degrees the whole time and sweated the whole time and when you woke up in the morning or even in the night the bed was sweaty. Not so nice.
Even at our house at the baltic see, there was snow and not only a bit. Ice spikes hang from our roof and even parts of the baltic see froze. I mean did that even ever happen before?

Paul und Lara im Rigg

The call in total wasn’t so long but probably very expensive like the whole island. Rumors said one bar of chocolate may cost up to ten Bermudan dollars which is like the US dollar, so a lot. After the call I listened to music again until dinner because then we had to give our phones back.

Paul liest Lara und Janek vor

In total it was a really nice day. But I was sad, that we couldn’t go ashore because it was not possible to do the covid tests, the day we arrived. But I think we got the best we could possibly get out of the day. Tomorrow I hope we can go ashore and explore the Island which has the most beautiful water on the whole trip so far.

I greet my favorite brother and yeah that’s it. 🙂

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