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Free Space Aloft (finally)

Date: 17.12.2022
Author: Constantin
Position: mid-Atlantic
Nautical Position: 16° 29.7 N 058° 36.9 W
Etmal: 5230 NM
Ship: Pelican of London

For a few days now, some of us have had the permission for free climbing. But what is free climbing and what is requested to achieve this state? Free-climbing is basically climbing the main-mast and bowsprit without supervision. About a week ago, we started with climbing certificates. For those, you have to demonstrate good and safe climbing and you must be able to stow and untie square sails without any help. The Bosuns offered several training and exam sessions and now more and more are getting their certificates. The other part you need to have achieved is the first level in our syllabus learning book. That means that you’re safe to work on the PoL and have a basic sailing knowledge. If you’ve achieved both, free climbing will be granted. Climbing without supervision means what?

Normally, when we were climbing or working in the rigging, at least one of the professional-crew members joined us aloft and one was watching from deck. With our certificates, which a certain part of the group has received, we are now free to climb in our free time and on watch, if necessary until it gets dark. The 10-meter-long bowsprit is available for us and a comfortable place to relax near the water. If you want to go high up, you can choose between three platforms on different heights on the main-mast. The highest one (t’gallant platform) is about 25 meters above the water level. The opportunity to go aloft on our own is really cool, you can enjoy your time off with some of your shipmates and chat, laugh and talk about secret topics.

The other point behind free climbing is basically getting space, which is difficult on a ship. The rigging is a great space to be on your own and enjoy your really small part-time private space. The views you get are just incredible. Looking down from this height on our huge sails, the people working down there, the majestic Pelican moving with the waves, surrounded by nothing but water feels great. You could just watch for hours. My favourite place is the t’gallant platform. Listening to music aloft is permitted if all devices are tied on to you. For example, Leander and I lay in the bowsprit for 1.5 hours this afternoon. We chatted, listened to music, took some photos for friends & family and got our next sunburn.

Theresa, our Bosun, and Elisa, our Bosuns Mate, offered a night-climb yesterday evening. After the very interesting explanation from our doctor Ryan about stars and astronavigation, half of the OC trainees were allowed to get to the stars a little bit closer. The climb itself was relatively short but the views on the crystal-clear sky and the sounds of wind and waves were amazing.

Pillow-Fight on Deck

Today, after lunch, a big pillow fight took place on the Welldeck, including most of the OC trainees. The whole thing was organised, planned and filmed. Marie, one of our Watchleaders was host of the act and motivated us to join in. But what is behind the story?

Marie: Back when I first discovered Ocean College on Instagram, I was very delighted to see that they had posted about a pillow fight on board the Pelican. I finally joined the journey this year, but to prepare for my university degree in directing, I had to assemble my artistic talent assessment to get into the course. While I was writing the script for my short film, I remembered the pillow fight I saw and decided to incorporate it into the plot. The plot, of course, is a surprise – however, I’m really glad that so many OC trainees had a blast and pushed my preparations forward.

Greetings to Flo and Golo

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